Free Download: Test Quick Heal Internet and Total Security 2012


Antivirus these days is an essential component of any multitasking software that exists in the world today. And rightly so as well, with the increasing number of the security breaches and virus attacks that our generation Y has started seeing is much more compared to the what the previous generation and hence having a good software for security of your system becomes all the more important. The Anti virus software these days do not really just do the job of preventing your computer from software threats but are capable of many other capabilities as well and hence we refrain from calling them Anti Virus Software and all them Security software.

Quick Heal has been a reliable provider of trustworthy security software for both PC and smart media. The company has recently launched their 2012 range of security solutions and it is already creating buzz in the market. Let us take a look what makes the Quick Heal 2012 series of security solutions so unique and desirable.

Quick Heal Internet Security 2012


The new release combines the best of security features and enhanced multi layered protection. The best feature that comes to the Quick Heal software after the release is the cloud based security services. The new version of internet security (Quick Heal Internet Security 2012) aims to provide its users have an efficient and effective computing experience. The Quick Heal 2012 also provides real-time updates for effective and efficient security.

As far as the core protection skills of the software are concerned the modifications have been done in basically three fields. The cloud based service being the first one has been added to the software keeping in mind the fact that, fast and up o date can be provided to a customer if the customer is using the software on the cloud. The 2012 version of the software comes with a feature to protect your personal information so that it remains confidential and it is not leaked through any software. Advanced web security protects personal and financial information from stealth attacks and cybercriminals. The streamlined user interface continues to provide hassle-free user experience.

Quick Heal Total Security 2012

Seeing the increase in the number of cyber attacks that have taken place in the last few years the Quick Heal team showed great concern and expected their software to be able to fight the same. The users of the New version of Total Security (Quick Heal Total Security 2012) are provided with a built-in and improved feature of Quick Heal PCTuner.

The technology that has been used in PCTuner improves the  system performance and deletes privacy traces of popularly used applications in the system. Apart from that , the new Startup Booster feature removes all the unwanted programs that run at startup and slow the system startup at every startup of the system. The advanced 2012 version of the software has been fine tuned to suffice to the changing requirements of the present day and that is making the buzz in the security software market these days.

Free one month trial versions of both the software are available for download on Download them now and let us know of your experiences with the software in the comments section below.