Google Chrome 8: Download developer channel to test features


Google Chrome, Google’s venture into making browsers-has seen a lot of changes recently the browser has seen innumerable number of update adding innumerable number of features to the browser. The browser has self-acclaimed that it is the second fastest browser in the world after Opera. The browser has started supporting add-ons recently and that has been a great addition to the whole browsing experience on Google Chrome. Google has once again issued a new and improved version of the Google Chrome browser. The new and improved Google Chrome 8 comes with a lot of Bug fixes and improvements over the previous version. Apart from that a host of new features have been added to the browser as well. Some of the new features have been taken from Opera the most advanced browser in the world right now.

Download Google Chrome 8 developer channel to test features

One of the best improvements in this build is the support for in-browser translator. Since the translator is a Google tool it is very clever of Google to implement the same in its browser to provide its users with the in-browser translating facility. With this Chrome becomes the first browser in the world to have this feature. Although it always had a plugin for the same it is no more required to download and install that plugin anymore because now whenever you navigate to a page that is not in your browser language it will  automatically ask you whether you want to translate the page into your browser language.


The support for the incognito mode is also a great addition to the browser. Remember the Internet Explorer providing us the feature of hidden browsing; a tab whose history shall not be recorded; the incognito tab. Google has brought the same feature to the its own browser. The browser is now supporting the incognito tab browsing where the tab history shall not be stored by the browser.

Also new in Chrome 8 is partial support for Google’s Cloud Printing effort. Designed to let you to print to your home PC from anywhere, Google’s Cloud Printing project is little more than an idea at this point. But we can see the beginnings of Chrome integration in this release with a new sign-in option in Chrome’s settings page (at the bottom of the Under the Hood tab). Unfortunately, signing in is about all you can do at this stage.

The Chrome 8 update makes it much easier to turn on hardware acceleration. For now the acceleration is limited to 2D animations that use the HTML5 canvas tag, but, provided you have a capable graphics card, Chrome should be able to offload that rendering to your GPU, speeding up page load times.

Keep in mind that Chrome 8 is very much an experimental build and there may be some bugs lurking in this early build, but if you’d like to give it a try, you can head over the Chrome channel page and grab a copy today.

You can grab the new build by subscribing to the Development channel here.

  • Valarie

    im vry thankfull for d full version of chrome. i had lot of problems with d previous one………….google chrome free download full version for xp…. ? :)

  • Frank

    hi every1, im so excited to download developer channel to test features…also google chrome 8 most visited sites always open new tab! how do i delete?