Google Toolbar 7 : Features & Review


New version of Google Toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer is released by Google through addition of Google Instant support. Tools that are used in accessing Google services are offered by Google Toolbar 7. Google Toolbar 7 is very beneficial in using Google translate services, and knowing page rank. Now, with addition of Google Instant search to the Google toolbar, people get results instantly after typing queries in the search box and search predictions. For getting Toolbar search box more quickly, people can also type Alt+G.

Google Toolbar 7 : Features & ReviewGoogle Toolbar 7 is accessible like a free download for Internet Explorer users. Users can download it from the official Google Toolbar website. For enabling Toolbar Instant for Internet Explorer, users need to press the Toolbar Settings, these options are under “Search features”, choose “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing,” and press the save changes. If users want to go back to the page, from where they have started searching then they need to press the Escape button on keyboard.

When users find out and utilize particular tools that help in browsing experience such as share or translate, they will mechanically seem on the toolbar, and they can easily access their most pertinent tools. This personalization is stored only on users’ computer. Users can send information to Google after enabling their usage statistics. Some information is required to share with Google by some Google Toolbar features, such as PageRank and spell check for functioning correctly.

Users can simply manage their privacy settings with Google Toolbar 7. Users can decide which features they would like to enable and which ones they would like to stay off from a single settings menu. Google Toolbar 7 is one of the fastest add-ons that can be used in Internet Explorer and it does not slow down the browser. Toolbar Instant only works for Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9. Now, Google Toolbar 7 is available in English language but it will be available soon for other languages also.


Users can access Google search from the Toolbar on any site. When users type a search, Toolbar will automatically show suggestions for what they are searching for and they find things faster. Users also translate language and sign in to the Toolbar with users Google account and get personalized search results based on their search history.

Google Toolbar 7 has the following features:

  • Instant Search (must be enabled in toolbar options)
  • Highlight ability to show where key terms appear on a web page
  • Auto-fill
  • Quick Scroll, to suggest what part of a web page might be the most relevant
  • Pop-up blocking
  • Page rank capabilities
  • Auto-translation (full page and by the word)

Video of Introducing Google Toolbar 7 from youtube: