How to use iMacros Chrome Extension to automate browser?


Those of you who have some knowledge of computer programing are no strangers to the word Macro. Macros are one of the most essential programming tools available in all of the programing languages. Macros are required to replace the repetitive code in a program by using a single de-marker in most cases a variable name. For example say that you need to use the same formula in your code again and gain.

How to use iMacros for chrome Extension?

You can very well, replace the formula with a variable whenever it appears in your code to save time and valuable space. Chrome is offering a similar feature to its users through the use of the extension called the iMacros. iMacros is a chrome extension that lets you record your activities and repeat the same whenever you re require the same. It has been designed to automate most of the repetitive tasks that most users carry out infront of their computer screens.


Here is a step by step guide as to how you should go about to use iMacros. The concept is pretty simple you record the task once and store it in your computer next time when you need to perform a similar task you need not repeat the same task again and again. To get started with the iMacros extension you first need to install the same on your computer. There are some of the demo macros pre-installed along with the extension which can be used to perform certain repetitive tasks. If you are a programming hater then do not fear because the iMacros Chrome extension does not require you to be a genius either.

1. Recording the Macro: This is the first step in the iMacros, recording a macro tells the software wht are the steps to be repeated this can be done using the Rec button in the iMacros plugin. IF you want to visit a certain site you can just visit this site one and stop the recording process once done your macro is ready for use you can name the macro and save it. Whenever you play the macro after wards the site will get visited automatically.

2. Setting up what the macro is going to do: Suppose that instead of just visiting the site you want a Macro to visit the site as well as fill the details that have been asked for by the site. This can be done by following the first step the first box shall be filled with the first entry in the macro and the second with second.

3. Whenever you want to run the macro all you’ve got to do is in the saved macros select the macro to run and go to the Play tab. The macro runs and you’re work is done in just a single click of the mouse.

So there it is guys try out the new technology of iMacros being provided as an extension or an add on to the different browsers in the world>Hope that the step by step guide proves to be useful for you all.

Creating Macros with IMacros (Video Tutorial) :

You can use the same firefox steps shown in this video for your google chrome browser.