Hurricane Isaac 2012 Trackers: Apps & Tools


Tropical Storm Isaac has not yet intensified to hurricane strength but it has lashed several coastal regions, located in a hurricane zone, with strong winds and heavy rain. On the other hand, the experts are expecting the Isaac storm to hit hurricane power very soon as it is heading towards the warm northern Gulf Coast including areas like Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. The Isaac storm is following the very similar path that was taken by Hurricane Katrina seven years ago. Many high-alert areas have already started taking precautionary measures like evacuation or shelter-in-place. In this crisis time too, your smartphone or tablet can really help you out in facing the situation.

Hurricane Isaac 2012 Trackers: Apps & Tools

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Any individual can get detailed information about hurricane Isaac, right on his/her smartphone or tablet with the help of various apps and tools available in the market. By accessing one of these apps or tools, you will get lots of useful features like push alerts, tracking maps, and regular audio and video updates, at your fingertips. Such useful apps and tools are given below. If you are living along the coastal regions in a hurricane zone, then make sure to get benefits from these apps & tools and stay safe during the dangerous storm.


Top Hurricane Tracking Apps

Hurricane Hound (for Android)

Hurricane Hound is a very useful app for Android users that does hurricane tracking on the background of Google Maps. The app offers the forecasts of hurricane and also it tracks the active hurricane storms. Plus, it highlights particular areas where the ‘National Weather Service’ is watching for possible development of the storm. It covers both the Atlantic and East Pacific basins. The app also provides access to NWS forecast information along with tropical outlooks and discussions, satellite imagery, and public advisories. You can choose between three different graphical themes while using the app. The app is available in two versions – free and paid. The paid (ad free) version is available for just $1.99.

Hurricane Tracker (for iOS)

Hurricane Tracker is a great app that offers plenty of valuable data on Hurricane. The app delivers minute by minute information for its users, making it far more superior than other apps available in the market. The app allows its users to get complete tracking of storm with the help of several features like fast push alerts, dozens of maps, real time live updates, threat level maps, detailed written discussions, hurricane warnings, info about tropical wave, real time feed, storm history, and lots more. Moreover, the app comes loaded with more than 65 images and animated maps. In short, you will get all info that is required to track a storm with this app. It covers regions including Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic Ocean & Eastern Pacific. The only drawback of the app is that the Push alerts feature is limited only on Eastern Pacific storms that do not make threats on island. You can avail this app by spending just $2.99.

Hurricane Software (for Android)

The Hurricane Software is one of the most popular apps available for tracking hurricane. This app is somewhat similar to Hurricane Hound app in terms of features and appearance. An important difference between the two is the inclusion of recorded readings in this software app whereas the hound app shows predicted readings from previous locations. Users can easily track the path of storm with this app because of its user-friendly interface. The app will give you the most recent and trustworthy hurricane-related data along with high resolution maps. Other features that are being offered by this app include warning information, satellite images, storm tracks, and many more. It is available in both free and paid versions. The paid version or ad free version will cost you $2.99 only.

Hurricane by American Red Cross (for both Android and iOS)

Hurricane by American Red Cross is an amazing Hurricane tracker app and what’s even more exciting is that it is made available for both Android as well as iOS users. The app monitors the conditions prevailing in your area during the storm conditions. It provides step-by-step instructions and let you know what to do, even when the cell phone tower goes down and the power goes out. You can make your family and friends know that you are all alright, and this is possible with the help of customizable “I’m Safe” alert available for Twitter, Facebook, text, and email. By using the app, you can also easily find Red Cross shelters in your area. With many such useful features, this app is indeed a must-have app for everyone who lives in a hurricane zone. So, download the app onto your device and be prepared for severe weather.

iHurricane HD (for iOS)

iHurricane HD is another great Hurricane tracking app for iOS users. It is absolutely free to use and if you like the application then you can buy extra features like Push notifications. In fact, it is the only app that allows the users to use the paid app for free so that they can know the app nicely before deciding to buy it. Plus, only this app has the ability to track multiple Hurricanes on an interactive map. The app offers email alerts and the best part is that it is free for everyone, which means there is no need of In-App purchase for using this feature. Using GeoLocation, you can instantly and easily find out the distance between your current location and each hurricane coordinates. The app offers fully interactive map that comes along with clickable icons. Other salient features include viewing of satellite images of active storms, national radar, getting info on millibars, wind-speed, and much more. Download the app by clicking here.

Hurricane by Kitty Code (for iOS)

Hurricane is a wonderful app that is extremely useful for iOS users. It provides detailed video updates and related information. Unlike other hurricane tracking apps, this app offers fully detailed tracking map instead of a simple web page. Moreover, the app includes very fast Push notifications that will always keep you updated and informed. The app has more than fifty animated satellite images and radar. Above all, the app support model runs including wind shear, environmental steering (six models), vorticity (four models), divergence, convergence, and link to FSU model runs. Hence, you will get all required information in detail through this app. It is available for purchase on the iTunes App Store for $2.99 only. Wanna download the app? Then click here.

Now take a look on top online tools available for tracking Hurricane Isaac

Google Crisis Response Map for Isaac

Google has recently launched a very essential online tool, called Crisis Response Map for Isaac, which includes almost all important info about the dangerous hurricane. Users can easily view the public alerts from, evacuation zones and places, flood gauge forecasts, and even numerous YouTube videos that are separately available for each and every impacted area. The page features satellite images of the Isaac’s path & nearby disaster places, various useful engineering tools, and options for those people who want to donate to charities. Moreover, it works along with other properties including Google Person Finder and Google Landing Pages, which greatly helps in organizing resources and information. Access this really helpful online tool by simply visiting the official page. is another great tool to follow the progress of the Isaac hurricane. You will find most recent updates, analysis, along with the newest advisories for the storm with the help of this tool. It provides satellite image of the path of Isaac, which can be easily zoomed in and out for clearer view of the image. You can also know the current wind speed and movement of the hurricane. One of the most useful features of this tool is that anyone can find out the situation of his/her location by entering zip code, state, or city name. In addition, you can view all latest Isaac storm videos too. To get benefits of all these online features, all you have to do is to visit the site. also provides a storm tracking page, which allows the users to view current location, path, along with the detailed stats for Isaac. The path of the storm is displayed through high-resolution satellite images. A small box located on the top left-side of the map displays important info about the storm such as maximum wind speed, ground speed, pressure, wind speed chart, etc. The most useful and important feature of this online tool is that you can get 5-day storm forecast for your home by simply providing your home address. Moreover, the tool provides three types of maps including aerial map, dark map, and light map. To access this online tool, click here.