Impala app for android and iOS – Automatically sort the photos on your Phone


Impala is a photo management application that automatically sorts your saved pictures in the suitable category on your phone by detecting what is in them, download it free for Android and iOS.

Almost everyone likes to capture photos, and why not after all it is a memory captured forever. We take lots of photos of events that happen in our life or when we go outside with friends and families to remember those precious times. You might get worried when it comes to sorting and classifying that huge collection of pictures. Isn’t it? Even it is too boring when we want to find a particular photo from so many pictures which are not sorted. The best way to do is download Impala, the good photo management app available for free. This is the right choice for both the iOS and Android users, who want their photos to be organized.

Impala app automatically sort the photos on your Phone

The Impala app is released by the Euvision Technologies and uses a visual detection technology. It is the first app in the world that looks into images, and recognizes what is in it. You do not need to manually label each and every photo. The application is also useful for the photographers, who do not want to manipulate with settings. The Impala app is very easy to apply with your Android and iOS photos. It identifies your photos using artificial intelligence. One of the best things of Impala is that it does not automatically connect or synchronize your pictures with any cloud server, hence it is safe.


Impala has two core features; the first feature is the “Find” and another is the “Shoot” feature. Once you install Impala app on your phone, the find feature will automatically sort photos of your entire library into various categories like “Architecture”, “Cars”, “Children”, “Food”, “Babies”, “Beaches”, “Party life”, and more. You cannot add your own labels. The shoot feature is a basic camera that senses your background and set labels as soon as you frame the shot. After that it places the photo into a specific category. When you capture the picture, the application optimizes your camera setting to make your photo look better.

Impala has always done its best to identify the right pictures and places it according to their category, but we know that the results generated by the app are always not perfect. For instance, it works well to identify “food” photos, and can easily notify the difference between “men”, “women” and “children” but it may classify some beach scenes under “mountains” and dogs under “cats”. The app allows you to check and remove pictures from the album if any mistake occurs to identify and classify the pictures. You can also manually set your photos in this application.

How it works?

Download the impala app and then install it on your mobile. After installation, open the application and wait for few minutes till your photos are sorted into particular album. When you launch the app first time, it takes few seconds or minutes, depending on how many photos you have in your gallery. Impala distinguish the things like Men, Women, Outdoor, Indoor, Cars, etc. in photos in different categories by analyzing them and then sorting them into subsequent albums inside the Impala app. If you are using Impala for iOS and want to sync your new impala album with your photo album, then just click on ‘Add this album to iPhone photo gallery option’.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • It is free to download
  • Simple and easy to use and safe
  • Automatically categorizes your photos
  • Available on platforms like Android and iOS
  • Real-time labeling on the camera


  • Sometimes photos are improperly categorized
  • The application has limited features
  • Some category labels are unexceptional
  • We cannot create our own category

Impala for Android version 1.0 is compatible with all high end devices such as Nexus 5 phones and Nexus 7 tablets, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and so on. Impala for iOS7 version 1.1 is compatible with iPhone 5, 5C and 5S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th generation. Android users can download Impala app directly from Google Play and iPhone users can directly download it from iTunes App Store.

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