Interesting features of Internet Explorer 9


Just before five days, Microsoft has introduced the current version of the Internet Explorer web browser. Internet explorer 9 (IE9) comes with several advanced and innovations features. With the Internet Explorer 9 announcement, over 2 millions people exchanged it with their older version of browser. If you are wondering that you should download Internet Explorer 9 or not , then you can checkout interesting facts about IE9 in below. You will see many changes in the current version of internet explorer including user interface, JavaScript engine, DOM, CSS, HTML 5, Web typography and malware protection.

Interesting Facts about Internet Explorer 9

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Internet Explorer 9 Interesting facts

Better performance

Web applications are important and more powerful for web browser because they are frequently replacing desktop programs and gives comparable performance to locally installed software. It gives improved performance and new graphic capabilities for rich and immersive experience. It’s available with hardware-acceleration for rendering audio, text, graphics and video. To take the benefit of several core processors, it offers JavaScript engine with optimizations. It is faster compare to previous version and also takes less time to load page.

A New Interface

The Internet Explorer 9 compresses the options into a setting menu at the top right side of the window. It gives more space by combining the address bar with the tabs row. Users can get many menu features from Command bar which they can activate by right click on top-right corner. Users of the Internet Explorer can drag a tab or window to the right or left side of the screen easily because the current version of IE entirely supports Window Aero Snap.

One box address bar

It is only set with one box address bar which allows users to search and navigate websites, browsing history or switch between search providers. By default, it uses Microsoft Bing which is easy to switch to Google and another search engine. You are also able to see top results during text input for quick access to the most expected designed web destination.


Pin sites to the taskbar

User of window 7 possibly pin their daily used program to the taskbar and now with IE9, user can pin their favorite websites to the taskbar for quick access. Currently, most of all browsers are available with bookmarks which make life easy to use daily surfing things including email. Accessing your favorite and daily use direct from task bar is faster than accessing it from the bookmark.

Smart screen filter and tracking protection

IE9 is specially made for protecting you from developing web and social engineering threats. Smart screen is equipped with sophisticated tool like Anti-phishing protection, Application Reputation, Anti-malware protection to fight with these threats. To protect you from malicious download, Smart screen filter works with Download Manager like a malware/virus scanner which clearly identifies major risk programs and scan the files before the downloading begin. Tracking protections can protect user’s favorite websites from monitoring your activity.

Security Improvement

Internet explorer previous version became infamous for vulnerabilities, so this time Microsoft improves safer browsing experience in the IE9. It allows users to block ActiveX Controls for all sites and also gives ActiveX Filtering option to access only trusted website. It also detaches frozen tabs without allowing it to affect other ones.

IE9 as a window update, not separate install

People can download and installIE8 as an application, but the current version of Internet Explorer as a window update. After installing Internet explorer 9, you will require to restart your computer as any other window update.

Automatic updates:

Users can automatically install important updates, after they are made available. Through window update automatically installed updates can comprise critical updates, security updates, definition updates, update rollups and service packs.