Lucid Dreaming persuading iPhone Apps


We all dream every night…which reflect our hidden thoughts and feelings. Dreams are not bad for human body…but it’s good for boosting productivity or essential for being psychological and physical well-being. Only some of us can remember full details of dream, while many of us can’t memorize a whole lot of them. Lucid dreams are too much vivid and real that not everyone gets to experience. In the lucid dream, dreamer can keenly participate in and control fantasy experiences in the dream atmosphere. They can also increase complete control over one place that no one will ever care about: their imagination. The benefits of lucid dreaming are far-reaching, which brings person on new life, completely free of all their fears and inhibitions. As a result of lucid dream, people can improve their problem solving skills, creativity, confidence, face their fears, practice new skills and explore alternate realities.

Lucid Dreaming persuading iPhone Apps

In the lucid dream, one is aware that one is dreaming. Mostly, it happens during the time of high emotion, when you are stressed or in new love. REM is the main sleep stage in which people dream. The form of becoming aware within your dreams and taking full control is the sacred Grail for dreamers. For some people it comes naturally, while others work hard and practice mental techniques to get control over lucid dream. But friends, in this digital era we can control each footstep through our mobile phone features. IPhone is very small, smooth and sexy, which is loaded with ample of features and now it is offering Lucid Dreaming applications to control one’s dream and allow them to appear in their dreams and help them become lucid. Lucid dreaming apps is really unbelievable thought, and using this creation one can track sleep, mark a dream, lucid dream or an awakening and even detects states like REM or slow wave sleep using applications. Not one or two, iPhone is offered with more than 5 various Lucid Dreaming applications, some of them are enlisted below with detailed guidance.

Apple iPhone apps for Lucid Dreaming:


Price: free

Do you want to track movement during sleep? Then dream-on is perfect and slickest iPhone dream app. It’s a high-tech way to manipulate your dreams and turn your Smartphone into a motion sensor (dream factory). Dream-on monitors user behavior during sleep and activates “soundscape” when it senses you are in deep sleep, to bring pleasurable scene in mind like walking in woods, or lying on a beach. It offers only two free audio options for potential dreamer like Peaceful Garden and Into The City…but not be sad, as it enables you to purchase array of other soundscapes or err “dreams” like Relaxing Rainforest, Ocean View or Space Shuttle at some price. It provides a real step forward in changing how we dream and track and trace those dreams.

The concept behind Dream: ON is quite straightforward…no need of tricky steps. After installation, you must set alarm with preferred ringtone, then place it on bed. It enables users to select soundscape that they want piped in during their sleep cycle. When you fall into a deep sleep, the gyroscope sensor of iPhone will activate and track the movement of bed using the iPhone’s microphone and suggest that users have gone into REM sleep. As soon as they suggests, the application will start to play the pre-selected soundtrack about 20 minutes before the scheduled wake up time.

At the end of dream, the app wakes up user within minutes by playing wakeup alarm to increase the chances of remembering their dream. They are also able to submit short description of the dream to a “dream catcher” (dream bank) database to participate in a worldwide experiment. It is social experiment too, because it displays the graph of your movement during the night with the ability to tag any of your friends who appeared in your dreams via Facebook.


Singularity Experience

Price: $5

Take the advantage of the best Lucid Dreaming technique…with electronic assistance because you have fastest way, called “Singularity Experience” which turns ordinary dreams into conscious ones. It is packed with DEILD technique that enables you to dream consciously on demand. It transforms dream into a virtual reality like experience, where you can think differently, act differently and experience life separated from the waking world. It uses two main sensors – accelerometer and gyroscope at the same time for monitoring sleep to do more accurate detection. It comes with a special wristband mode that brings iPhone based dream analysis to the next level.

The creation of lucid dreamer is packed with many tools like new research tool, daytime reality check notification, increases the maximum reminder duration from 60 seconds to 60 minutes, etc. The interface of the application is rather complicated, so be careful while using it. It offers many other features like Lucid dreaming reminders at night, Sleep analysis with 20 metrics, Biological clock for sleep cycle analysis, Hypnotic induction script, and dream journal with dream history. It’s really difficult to re-enter in dream lucidly and quickly recall the last scene of a faded dream, but with the Singularity Experience application, you can easily recall your intention of dream re-entry by hypnotizing yourself.

Like Dream: ON app, you have to put your iPhone on your bed by activating this app. Using this application, you can see how your sleep/wake patterns change overtime, sleep cycle graph for sleep depth and dreaming analysis, Astro-biological view to align your dreams with circadian rhythm, and get dream details by using dream journal. It offers 8 fixed reminders ranging from the mysterious “Void” to tranquil “Harmony”, processes data in real time, fully interactive touch screen UI, animates light in and out, plays any high quality video, etc.


Price: $3

Detect your movement when you are in REM with Dreamz application…it is the first iPhone app to facilitate advanced lucid dream algorithms. It allows users to control their dreams by utilizing method known as lucid dreaming. The interface of the app is very clean and simple, and comes with most advanced algorithms in modern dream research to enable people gain awareness while dreaming without any special equipment.

It tracks your sleep patterns as well as distinguishes your biological sleep cycles, separating light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. Through its 50 audio “cues”, you can enter into your dreams without waking you up and permitting you to become lucid. You can make your dream more colorful by choosing light trigger that will play a list of flashing light and color while you enter in a dream.

Dreamz has record trigger to record your own message. It is one of the best ways to become lucid by hearing your own voice in a dream. Remembering the whole dream is not possible for all….so if you are suffering from it then Dreamz is best choice for you to remember your dreams. For it, you just need to write down your dreams in a special journal immediately after you wake-up. Here, you can watch detailed statistics and graph display of your sleep cycle for the period of the night.

No lengthy process….you need to set the alarm clock just like regular alarm clock. And then select desired sleep mode. The app is available with alarm mode, memory mode to maximize lucid dreams and its memory, and fresh mode to wake up with freshness. Afterwards, select a dream sound to record your message and select alarm sound. And at the end, click on Start button and put the device next to you and go to sleep.