Must have Android Apps for Writers


Still, you carry pen or paper everywhere to write down your thoughts and inspiration. So it’s time to put pen on paper and begin to use these most helpful writing android applications to write down ideas, notes and blogs easily and quickly anywhere, anytime.

Inspiration or good thoughts strikes anytime, anywhere so writer have to carry pen and paper with them by means of their work. But time has gone when writers used to write their thoughts on a rugged piece of paper with a pen and ink on the side. Thanks to the wonders of technology, that replace pen with stylus and paper with computer, Smartphone and tablets. Now, there are thousands of writing-focused apps available in market that help writer to stay organized and focused as well as write down ideas, notes and blogs easily and quickly anywhere, anytime. So by using these best and most helpful writing, idea-gathering, and note-taking android applications, keep your text on hand and thoughts easy to add. Writing with apps is more flexible than writing with a pen. Moreover, it is best for both established and published authors alike to improve writing skills, and get publishing opportunities. If you are both android users and writer, then check out the list of best writer’s apps for android phones and tablets to become a better writer and write down your thought immediately when they come in mind.

Android Apps for Writers

Best android apps for writer:

One note:

One note is application of Microsoft Corporation that is available for both desktop and mobile platforms. With it, you can create both simple and complex notes from scratch as well as organize them in to searchable, accessible notebooks. Users can record audio, snap a picture and save it on application. It support handwriting support, “touch-friendly navigation, and digital inking, by which you can take handwritten notes, draw with a stylus and even with your finger, and add formatting options like font types, font sizes, alignments and tags.


If you are on the path to something big – then Evernote application is really best to achieve it. It is virtual notebook that anyone can use to jot down thoughts, inspired line or paragraph, information, plot out story structure and save research notes easily and quickly. It comes with sync features so that you can access your notes and thoughts from any connected devices anytime/anywhere. It is powerful and easiest way to remember all important things from lifelong memories and vital information to daily reminders and to-do lists. In addition, you can share your masterpiece with the world through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, or sharing the URL to Clipboard.

Google Keep:

Want to capture your thought quickly? Then Google keep is really good option for you, here you can add photo notes, voice notes and checklists. It allows users to quickly take and save written notes, photos, voice memos, and checklists to Google Drive, and permits them to access it on any other web-connected device. It’s perfect for quick note-taking on the go and creates better voice notes. Not only for writing, but also good for keep mind shopping list.



Jotterpad is really perfect application for writers to write novel, lyrics, poems, essay and screenplay. It comes with clean typing interface that allows users to focus on writing, shaping your thoughts in to text. Within in-built dictionary, and word and character count, it cuts back on disturbance and puts the focus on the written word itself. It also loaded with some standard features like undo, redo, night mode, finding phrase, versions, dictionary/thesaurus, auto-save, text styling and markdown. So go about your creative writing without disruption and write to your hearts content.


In writer application, you can write content without the bother and disruption of a traditional word processor. It is perfect for everyone for taking notes to writing a novel on your phone or tablet. Writer can use it anywhere any time and turn their thoughts in to text, markdown support and some statistics.


Draft is another versatile text editor allows you to easily organize, edit and share all of your greatest bits of writing. You are able to generate regular plain text files and also Markdown and MultiMarkdown files. It is also supported with Dropbox feature that means you can access your content from anywhere or any device. One of the most notable features of draft is that you can share your documents with other applications as well as receive text from other applications.

Word press:

WordPress is good blogging application for writers to share their thought and even early drafts with fans. By using this application, you can publish blog updates from any corner of the world, and during travel. It puts power of publishing in your hands and also makes it easy to create and consume content. Her e, you can write your own post, edit and publish your writing to your sites and get inspired with great posts in the Reader. It provides you private space to jot down your thoughts and allows you to arrange with categories, tags, and add link and media.


Blogger is another good platform for writers. Using this application, you can create, view, edit and delete your blog posts. Unfortunately, it gives limited feature compared to other blogging application. Here, you can make editing in published post picture, publish date and time, share pictures, video, YouTube clips, links, etc. it supports blogging via email feature that means users don’t require installing the app if they are interested in blogging from your mobile.


Tumblr is best android platform for posting short blurbs of interesting content like quotes, videos and photos are less taxing. If you are posting your blog on tumblr, then this is the best application for posting content, scheduling posts, viewing and replying to messages. You can just re-blogging something a friend or someone you admire has posted.

Oxford Grammar & Punctuation

When it comes time to proofread, you require very simple resource on the rules of grammar and punctuation. So for proofreading, you should go with one of the oldest and most trusted names in the study of the English language. Oxford’s free Grammar & Punctuation app gives all basic information about grammar and punctuation that people need on a day-to-day basis.

Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus

When you are looking for the right word or if your language sounds a bit dry and boring, the instinct is to reach for a dictionary or thesaurus. Now you can throw out the heavy text and go straight to mobile with Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus. It offers free reference material and puts an important file of words and definitions right in your pocket.