New Firefox Beta for Android brings major changes


The Mozilla team has been in close competition with the other browser s when it comes to the windows and Linux platforms but as far as the Android platform is concerned the team still need to do some work to catch up with its competitors, we all know that the forte of the Mozilla browser is that it is an open source browser that is constantly evolving and hence we see this one having more frequent releases than the other browsers, this post is about another new release of the Firefox for Android, this one is much improved over its previous counterparts and has won many accolades in its initial days in the beta version. Here is a review.

New Firefox Beta for Android

This new Firefox beta for android has a redesigned look that blends in with the Android user interface, performance enhancements and support for third-party plug-ins like Flash for a better mobile browsing experience. Firefox for Android Beta also has all of the features you know that were present in the earlier releases like Firefox Sync, add-ons and tabbed browsing, plus a new Awesome Screen and enhancements to startup and response time, graphics performance and panning and zooming. Firefox for Android Beta supports a wide range of Android phones from Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 all the way back to Android Froyo 2.2.


As far as my experience with the browser is concerned it can be termed as very satisfying. The browser has become super fast and super smooth liked the scrolling of the browser with respect to that of Chrome. Firefox has finally added support for Adobe flash player which is one of the best things about this browser. However with most of the content on the web now slowly shifting to HTML5 and companies like Google completely removing Flash from Chrome, it might be a bit . THe address bas lets you search directly which is seamlessly integrsted with browsers like Google,Amazon, Yahoo and Bing.

Other big change is the new UI which indeed is a revolutionary one because it has lifted the standard of the app considerably and now this new browser looks pretty standard. It is pretty similar to the Chrome’s UI where we can see a search on the top thumbnails in the middle followed by recently closed tabs. The biggest one of all is that the app is written in Java, which is native to Android, instead of the Mozilla developed XUL used on the previous versions. Due to this, you can expect some major improvements in the performance of the app. THe pan and span feature is another improvement in the already existing browser.

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