New OmmWriter Review: A iPad text editor


An appealing text-editor, OmmWriter makes your writing experience simple in iPad. This application focuses on its ease and obvious lack of functionality. OmmWriter takes users’ all technical problems, deadline post-its or users’ preferred social-networking website and pushes them under its stylish interface, mail or chat notifications. OmmWriter is designed to meet the requirements of a creative writer. The aim of OmmWriter is to carry a little peace and stillness to users hectic work habits.

OmmWriter Review: A iPad text editor

The whole concept of OmmWriter is very simple; it contains a clean window with a calm background. It is prepared for receiving the expression of users’ inner thoughts. When users drag their mouse over the respective area, the application menu will become visible on the right side of the window. Users will be able to write on their computer just like they would do on a real piece of paper as they will see application menu. Typewriter sounds are also included in OmmWriter, with which users will really be able to experience the feel and look of the actual deal.

Users will get the help in reaching inner peace by OmmWriter that surrounds them with a harmonious atmosphere and uses visual and audio effects to do it. Customization options, all the sounds, and background designs are provided in almost the same line by OmmWriter. Features of this application are arranged in six categories such as text style, text size, ambient, keyboard sound, background image, and saving. Users can access these categories by the button-shaped menu that is exhibited on the right. As users move their mouse over an assured category, they will see available choices.

Text style option allows users to change the font style, and offers three possibilities such as normal, a bit bigger, and cursive. Text size option allows users to set the font size such as normal, +1 and +2. Users can select the background as per their requirements such as solitaire trees, paper texture, or bright white with the help of background image. Users should search a little to find their preferred combination such as each function has seven modes or they can select to disable them with the use of ambient and keyboard sound options.

Saving option lets users to save their work in OmmWriter format or in txt mode, or open another document. There are some things that have fled the developers because OmmWriter is still in beta stage. When OmmWriter 1.0 Beta 1 will be opened with OmmWriter 1.0 Beta 2, the imprecise conversion of documents will be created that is the largest problem of it while an instantaneous workaround has been provided by the developers. Users should ensure that they back up their data because it is allowing for the beta stage.


OmmWriter automatically saves users’ work in every three minutes so users do not need to worry if they forgot saving from time to time. The auto-saved document can be founded in Library/OmmWriter/OmmWriterBackup.omm. The writing area of it is placed in the middle of the screen but it can be resized and users will also be able to observe the word counter on the bottom of the window. A spelling checker is not provided in OmmWriter but users can enable the spelling checker for the current system language by right-clicking in the text box. Price of OmmWriter is $4.99.

Pros of OmmWriter:

If users have problem in concentrating or they want to make a substitute space, where they can calm down and actually get connected with their creative spirit, then OmmWriter is an ideal application.

Cons of OmmWriter:

Price of this application is very high in comparison to its offers. Tranquility contains many shades and the restricted customization alternatives constrain one feel while the goal of this application is to carry peace of mind and help users in concentrating. However, it is expected that a “load your own” background/ambient/keyboard sound feature can solve the problem.

Conclusion of OmmWriter:

OmmWriter carries a bit of Zen into users’ time-controlled life and that is at least extraordinary.

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