Nokia Here offline maps for Android: All you need to know about


No need to waste your hard earned money on internet data package to access Google map service…as now you can use Nokia “Here” offline maps application on your android and window platform and get walking, driving and public transit directions without data connection.

We all have been using Google Maps service for years now on PC, iOS, Andorid and window phone platforms. However, Google map is online service, so you can’t take the advantage of it in offline mode. No more now…because Nokia has jumped in the market with offline map service called,HERE. It is the really tough competitor of Google maps that initially available only on Windows Phone, but now it is available for android platform too. At present, Samsung and Nokia have entered in to the licensing agreement to offer the mapping service to Samsung consumers at free of cost. Unfortunately, only Galaxy device owners can take the advantage of HERE application and access its offline maps, turn-by-turn navigation and transit features. So if you have not any Samsung Smartphone device, then you have to wait for little longer to grab the app. On the other hand, if you are searching for an extremely best alternative to Google Maps, then it is absolutely worth being a somewhat more patient.

A man using Nokia Here offline maps on android device

Here offline maps can be downloaded approximate 200 counties, about half of which support turn-by-turn walk or drive instructions. In around 40 countries, users can also get live traffic information with internet connectivity. It provides voice-guided and public transport navigation capabilities while offline, and without a connection to a phone. The official webpage of the application allow users to identify destinations, which will be synced with your device. In addition, they can share destinations information with their friends and family members to improve the planning process.


The Google map service is really useless; where you can cache only selected area of map without navigation or searching facility. As well, you must have data connection for all helpful features. However with HERE offline map application, you can download any map with fully searchable, navigable capabilities, turn-by-turn directions and 3D renderings of buildings. Moreover, users can connect the app here with Samsung Gear S, that means they can sync routes between their wrist and phone.

How it works?

In order to use HERE Map on Android platform, you must set up an account because you can’t use some important features like downloading maps and creating ‘Collections without login. For ease of use, Nokia allows users to use facebook for login but if you don’t like the idea of sharing data with Zuckerberg, you should go with Nokia’s own signup form.

Once you registered in the application, you will notice how basic the app is, there are no bells or no-frills design. The apps loads instantly and transition are very smooth. Like Google maps, it supplies the default mapping data and turn-by-turn navigation.

There are two main sections including Maps and drive for navigation. Drive section takes you to a road-focused view that asks you to elect your destination. You can either enter your location directly or pull up a list of journey that you have recently made.

Nokia Here offline maps screenshot

You are also able to select to see what data will be displayed in the app such as distance travelled, travel direction, estimated arrival time, and any expected traffic delays. There are also setting option, by which you can include or exclude additional information like major roads, toll roads, direction of travel, landmarks, and ferries or tunnels if necessary. Users can also select 3D view for building that becomes very helpful when you are traversing by foot.

Speed Limit warnings are a useful feature of the application that will measure your speed and warn you if you exceed a speed limit in a certain area. It offers two sliders – from which one allows you select how fast you require to be going to activate an alert in an area where the limit is less than 50MPH and another for when you are beetling down a major road (over 50MPH)

Here offline maps for Android speed limit screenshot

By setting information according to your preferences, you will see all key information on top and bottom side like turn-by-turn audio directions, your current speed, and what the speed limit is on the road you’re currently driving along. It is worth noting here that the interface turns you to both portrait and landscape mode.

If audio direction features are activated on your application, then you are able to choose from a number of accents and language in English. You are fixed with regular male and female voices in at least nine European languages.

During short test, drive works really very well. It delivers early navigation quickly that means you can make familiar yourself with your surroundings before you take the turn. Driving is the only one feature of HERE maps. If you don’t have your own vehicles, Nokia also includes train travel and walking options that is basically based on my London tests, covering train, underground and bus. Once you enter destination, the application will detect your current location and give walking distances to your local station and number of upcoming trains. During the driving time, it will list the total journey and estimated arrival times.

When you are looking for a destination on HERE, you will get two options – collect and share. The former allows you include location to modified lists, such as ‘Favorites’, ‘Pubs’ or ‘Parks’. You can create unlimited number of collections, allowing you revisit your selected group of places on a whim. Users are able to share location either by email or all the usual social works. In addition you can also share it directly through Glympse, the real-time temporary location-sharing service. You can specify how long your present location is visible to people, who can observe it from your address book or social media network.

Nokia Here offline maps sharing page screenshot

Offline maps:

Nokia’s HERE Map is able to provide offline data not just for specific countries, but also for entire continents. To enable offline mode, you just need to tick box in the menu. As soon as you permit it, you can look for specific location and access turn-by-turn navigation, but you would not get benefit of traffic warnings or Nokia’s updated place listings. You must have free space on your device to use offline maps because UK map consume approximate 665MB of space, while Europe map consume almost 10GB. You can not download whole country map or only cities map for some places.

Offline maps will become more helpful when you are abroad and want to see sights without wasting money on roaming fess. Before you go, you have to add place that you want to visit in to “collection” that you can stop on arriving distant land. By using Glympse integration, users can share these locations with other people too.

As a mapping app, Here Maps works very well. It is easy to use and very helpful if you are to preserve data or don’t have a signal. On the other hand, it also gives satellite and venue maps features. It is really decent mapping application if you want just direction or browse map.

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