Opera 11 Alpha with Extensions: Download free to Check Features


The first alpha version of Opera 11 is launched for Windows, Mac, and Linux to the public by Opera on 21 October 2010. With support for extensions, Opera 11 is another version of the company’s award-winning desktop web browser. Aim of the new version is to change vibrant extension ecosystem. Browser is allowed to add features and functionality directly into itself by Opera extension dissimilar to Opera Widgets and Opera Unite applications. A new version of Opera’s layout engine is included in Opera 11. With enhanced features of Opera 11 such as a new mail panel, you will easily organize mail and a new bookmarks bar, you are allowed to quick access to your favorite bookmarks.

Opera 11 Alpha with Extensions: Download free to Check Features

To support for Web sockets, Presto 2.6.37 increased browsing performance by adding hundreds of bug fixes and enhancing Web standards support. A new installer for Windows is also included in Opera 11, by which the installation/upgrade process becomes twice as fast; with a 10 percent smaller download size. With the use of open standards such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and supported APIs (the alpha release supports inject-able JavaScript, callouts, certain UI items, plus a basic Tabs and Windows API); extensions can be created by developers. A number of benchmarks are included in Opera 11 to improve the browser performance.

For an Open Standard effort, W3C Widget specification is being considered. Extensions are made on the basis of the W3C Widget specification. “A few tweaks” to the code will be required to make it easy to port extensions from certain browsers. An important milestone for Opera is marked by the addition of extensions. The company insists for including features right in the browser. A whole new level of customization is added in Opera 11 to make it a pretty powerful browser. Opera includes far more browser functionality as well as having an excellent email client built-in.

To create an extension, you can be accomplished through simple steps. Read the tutorials and “getting started” guide, develop the code by using common web standards (JavaScript, CSS, HTML5), and upload it to the Opera extensions webpage. Previous to Opera 11 is made public; it will test all extensions for defects and malicious software. The Installation process of extensions on Opera 11 is like Chrome. When you click on “install” button in the extension gallery, a confirmation dialog will be displayed. After confirming your installation, you can activate the extension without to reboot the browser.

If you want to uninstall, then right click on the extension’s icon and click on “uninstall” option. Extension support to Chrome in version 4 was added by Google in the starting of the year. Extension support in version 5 was just added by Apple in this past summer.

To run Opera Extensions, you will need an Opera 11 Labs build that supports them:

Opera 11 Extensions build for Windows: http://www.opera.com/download/get.pl?id=33277&location=270&thanks=true&sub=true
Opera 11 Extensions build for Mac: http://www.opera.com/download/get.pl?id=33278&location=270&thanks=true&sub=true
Opera 11 Extensions build for Linux/FreeBSD: http://snapshot.opera.com/unix/alpha1-with-extensions_11.00-1029/

Fore more information about Opera 11 Alpha with Extensions, visit opera official website:http://www.opera.com/next

Video of Opera Extensions overview from youtube:

  • Adam

    opera has been my alternative browser to chrome because of “opera unite” . bt pls opera…cant u get ur browser to work with youtube any better than it does?

  • Gail

    wowe opera 11 alpha available with extensions! i hope opera’s promise to be able to import extensions holds up pretty well.