OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 released: What are new features


Alongside iOS 6’s release, Apple has just released a chief update to its OS X desktop operating system – OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion, which is obtainable now to download from Apple’s Mac App Store for free. Once the software has been installed, a restart is needed. The update includes many changes such as Facebook enhancements, Game Center improvements, etc. Other features consists of the inclusion of Power Nap for the Late 2010 MacBook Air, a new shared Reminders list, some iMessage tweaks (iMessages sent to your phone number will emerge now on your Mac), and the ability to get FaceTime calls originally sent to your phone number. As well, passbook users can enjoy the new ability to insert passes right from Mail and Safari, and Dictation now understands Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Canadian English (!), Canadian French and Italian. Let’s take a look on the 5 chief features in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2

1, Facebook Integration

As Twitter currently operates within the OS, Facebook will also now get benefit of single sign-on simplicity, and all of OS X’s sharing portals will now comprise Facebook as an alternative. Furthermore, Facebook friends’ contact details and profile photos will emerge in Contacts, plus notifications from the social networking site will emerge in Notification Center. Facebook made its way into Game Center for sharing your top scores with your Facebook friends and view your friends in Game Center’s friend suggestions. You can use “Like” button to share all your favorite games. In order to set up your Facebook account, go to System Preferences, and you will notice Facebook as one of the accounts you can add in Mail, Contacts as well as Calendars. This integration doesn’t signify that any and all apps you install on your Mac will have full access to your account; every time an app desires to access your social data, it will overtly ask for consent. Here the integration means you don’t need to sign in over and over again.


2, Game Center Enhancements

If you are fond of gaming on your iOS device or Mac, then you will definitely like the Game Center improvements. You can even share your remarkable scores with friends on Twitter, Mail, Facebook, or Messages, at the same time challenging them to thrash your score or accomplishment. Similarly, you will get your friends’ proposals from your Facebook network, and be able to view which games you have in general with someone. Apple has even added a Facebook Like button for your Game Center titles.

3, Messages & iMessages Alterations

Messages with iMessage take your discussions further as now you can send messages to everyone on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 5, also. Messages emerge on your Mac and any gadget you utilize, which means you can say Hello from your Mac and do conversation on your iPad or iPhone, from anyplace you are. If you’re spending some time away from your iPhone, or simply crave to focus on work rather than continuously checking your phone, this will make sure you don’t miss any vital messages or FaceTime calls. No need to set Messages up, after upgrading Mountain Lion, the feature will be automatically added, and iMessages will start to be received on Messages. Your messages are safe and private with end-to-end encryption.

4, Restore Browsing Session on Safari

Apple’s desktop Web browser at long last acquires the restore session option in the Safari update included with the OS X 10.8.2 update. The restore session option has been a standard feature of Chrome, Firefox and Opera since many years. As an update to Safari is integrated with the new OS update, it brings the newest version to 6.0.1, and most of the alterations are minor. Rather than loading the Apple Homepage, now Safari can be set to open the pages you had opened the last time you used the browser. A new setting is available on the pull-down menu in the Safari General Preferences, which you can choose to restore the earlier browsing session upon startup.

5, Shared Reminder Lists

One feature of OS X Lion was Sharing reminder lists. Although this feature was much helpful to users, later the shared lists disappeared as reminders was added as a separate app in Mountain Lion (earlier it was part of iCal). Now, again this feature is back in OS X 10.8.2. Press a list, type a contact’s Apple ID, and they will get an invitation to join your list. As soon as your contact has accepted the invitation, Notification Center will notify you.