Passneitor – Your free Android password manager


Tired of remembering so many passwords? Try Passneitor – a free Android app to keep all your passwords protected and organized.

We access daily to a bunch of different websites (Facebook, Banks, Airlines, Gmail, PayPal, Blogs, Shopping, Twitter, etc.), apps and even email accounts. This access needs unique login IDs and passwords for each web account. Some people use same password for different accounts, which increases the risk of identity theft. So, we create a different user name and a long, secured password for every website, but that makes it difficult to memorize them all. Many times we write down our passwords, so that we don’t forget them or reset every time. There is a solution for this problem. Passneitor is a Password manager app for Android devices to manage your passwords.

Passneitor password manager app for Android

Passneitor is a cool password manager app for securing and storing your passwords. It has simple and user-friendly interface without ads. It is 100% free and requires no internet access, which means it stores passwords in a secure way on your Android smartphone without exposing them on the Internet. The passwords are protected by a Master Password, and a strong 128-bit AES encryption. All things are stored locally.


You can set Dark (black) or Light (white) background, thanks to app’s Holo-based interface. You are required to create a master-password during the initial setup. Once master-password is created, set different categories (mail, social, cloud, etc.) and add specific icons & colors to each of them. Then, enter the password and the account it belongs to.

You may also hide the account fields, easily copy passwords to the clipboard, and generate random & secure passwords for your accounts. The app not only stores passwords securely, but also takes Backup of the data automatically like backup of encrypted data in CSV format. The backup options can be set as per your needs.

The application is compatible with KeePass. You can import and export your password database between applications (KeePass, KeePassX) in CSV and XML formats without encryption. If anyone enters the wrong master-password for a determined number of times, the app will destroy all database items and saved copies (including backups).

This simple and offline password manager app is available for download at Google Play for free of cost. It is compatible with Android devices running on Android 2.3 or up.