Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android phone: Download and try features


With the Android platform becoming so popular in the recent times and the top mobile developers also putting  in more capabilities to the same for storing and managing your personal data, overall security of the data from online threats like spy bots etc becomes very important. There are several products available for protection of your device from theft and other problems however not many of the companies have thought of the data that the Android phones store in them and the protection of the same. The Quick Heal security solutions are a very popular protection software for your Windows machine and the good news is that now the same brand has come up with their own product for the Android platform as well.

Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android phone

The Quick Heal Mobile Security is a complete security cover for your android phone. It not only protects your device and its contents using Anti-Theft feature it also provides easy-to-update virus protection which guards against the known and unknown threats for your Android device. The app is available for download from the Android marketplace for a cost price of Rs. 450 and has been bundled with amazing features for the protection of your handheld device. The safe mobile browsing is one feature that the company has come up for the first time and the feature really seems to be a great one. The application has been kept very simple and user friendly, the additional features like call block, SMS block make the application absolute thrill entity.


Let us first look at the requirements that your Android phone must have before you are able to use this software on the same. The android version that must be installed on your device should be better than the Android 2.1 or the Éclair Android version. The mobile can have any of the screen sizes from the small screen to the extra large screen that normally tablets carry these days. After going through the requirements for the device let us now look at the various functionalities that the app does provide for your Android handset.

1. Virus Protection:

The app provides automatic real time virus protection with protection from the spyware programs as well. Hence the software does protect from all kinds of threats and malware that the Android device is prone to. In case of a new memory card the application scans the memory card before any data is transferred to or from the device.

2. Block Calls and SMS

The block call feature enables you to block calls and SMSs wanted or unwanted from reaching your smartphone for a specified duration or for a long time. It helps you configure the black list numbers and keep their calls always away from your Android device.

3. Spam SMS protection:

If you have been lately really annoyed with spam SMS that have reached your inbox and want to just get rid of them as soon as possible then this is your software to have. With the new software you can block spam SMS text messages from unknown senders and hence say good bye to SMS Spam forever.

4. Anti Theft:

This is another very complete feature that the company is providing in their new software, the feature is generally a combination of three essential features for the Android device. These features include remote locking, mobile tracking, SIM change notification and block phone on SIM card change. Wiping of data remotely by just sending an SMS is another great feature that is present in the software.

So there it is guys this is a must try application for all Android lovers a single point solution to all your Android security issues. Do not forget to let us know issues that you face with the software in the comments section below.