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Since the launch of the newest version of the Windows operating system- the Windows phone 7. There has been an uproar in the application developers for the platform. More and more applications are coming up for the Windows phone 7 platform and joining the league today Is the Sling Player for playing media files on the hard drive of your Windows mobile phone. The Sling Medial company is renowned company for the shifting trends in audio video technology and hence it was no surprise that the new platform will got the Sling touch. Sling box music player made its debut in the middle of the year 2005 and since then the company has made improvements in the same to make it available for all the different operating system platforms.

SlingPlayer Mobile app -Sling Player Mobile :  Download SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Phone 7

The original Slingbox, now referred to as the Slingbox Classic, connects to any standard audio and/or video signal, and streams the video and audio to a computer over a high-speed broadband Internet connection. Then the flagship of the Sling Media line of products, it was released July 1, 2005, garnering significant media attention. For those who are still bamboozled by the whole Sling Box concept – Slingbox is actually a device that enables you to watch your home television anywhere you have Internet access. The Slingbox can control any media device (DVD player, camcorder, etc.) outfitted with an infrared remote-control receiver, and then stream that device’s A/V output over the Internet to your remote PC.


So what we are talking about over here is that the Sling Player will get paired up with your Windows phone seven device and then all your home network television will be streamed live to your phone. The excellent Zune like Windows phone seven interface of your phone will make scrolling through the channels extremely easy and pretty interesting as well. However, If you have a Slingbox PRO, Slingbox AV, Slingbox TUNER, or Slingbox Classic, there is some bad news coming your way- the. SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Phone only supports the Slingbox SOLO or Slingbox PRO-HD and hence you will need to upgrade.

The application can be purchased and downloaded from the Windows Marketplace the very same day North American mobile carriers flood the markets with the new Windows Phone 7-powered handsets in their retail stores. The device boasts a fully revamped user interface, and support for clear, sharp video images that makes watching TV on Windows Phone 7 handsets a far more enjoyable experience than before. Not only that, Slingbox owners with Windows Phone 7 devices can change channels, control their DVRs and watch their favorite shows anywhere as long as they are connected via 3G or Wi-Fi.

As far as the price of the Sling player is concerned SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Phone 7 can be yours only for price of $29.99 if you are in the US, while in the UK you will have to pay £22.99, although Europe pays less compared to UK where the Sling player is priced at a modest €21.10.

SlingPlayer for Windows Phone 7 Demo Video

  • kitay

    i just slingplayer download windows 7, it works lyke charm, nd hv nt had any problems only occasional frame skips.