Smartphone Photography Lover? You must have these apps


Photography Lovers must have these best selected apps added to their photography folder for editing and/or filtering pictures on their smartphones and tablets.

Advanced mobile technology has changed the way we capture snapshots on our smartphones and tablets. In this digital age, the ability to capture life’s special moments/memories is at our fingertips. A whole new possibility for amateur and professional photographers alike is being opened up by the quickly improving cameras on smartphones. These days, lots of photo editing apps are available on every mobile platform and some have the potential to change our mobile photography workflow. Now shake up your mobile photography routine by downloading the below listed apps that will deliver anyone the chance to come up with a photo that he/she can be proud of. If you really wish to see how smartphones are changing the world of photography, then you must use these apps at least once and improve your photographic experience.

best photography apps for android and ios

Best photography apps for smartphones and tablets


Instagram is a very popular photo editing app available in the market, and preferred by many smartphone and tablet users as it is multifunctional. This app acts as a social network as well as allows you to capture photos and filter or add effects to them. This free app can turn an ordinary photo into something special by using their very attractive and easy-to-use filters (both custom and standard ones). Both of these filters can wholly transform your pics, add tone, depth and special effects. Moreover, one can share photographs on different sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and more.

Once you’re connected, you can snap a picture wherever you are, move and scale the picture, add an effect with a touch of your finger, and then hit ‘Done’ to share your photographic moment with the world. As the app comes with a number of free custom-designed filters, you can provide your image different retro effects, a grainy black-and-white appearance, or also adjustable tilt-shift options. With Instagram, you can shoot videos and add filters same as you would with images. This app has a second button to switch from photo to video. In fact, we can say that Instagram is not only a photo-editing app, but also a 100 million-strong social network, full with friends, followers and photography fans from across the world.



This photo editing app is the first app released by Nik software, a very popular plugins manufacturer for Photoshop and Lightroom. This free photo app lets you to edit a portion or the full part of picture. Snapseed has a very easy to navigate user interface, and all the standard editing features are available. Just like most other apps, Snapseed works by allowing you apply filters to your photos, but what makes it different from others apps is that it provides you full control over the filters to be applied. As soon as you start applying one filter after the other, the creative potential of Snapseed is revealed.

Snapseed is easy to use – there’s an Auto Correct feature that can work wonders on your pic’s contrast, color, brightness, texture and other likewise key elements. Other features include Selective Adjust for enhancing individual areas; Tune Image for depth, white balance, contrast and more; and crop and rotation options. What makes Snapseed the only photo editing app you require on your device, is a number of other wonderful features such as stylized frames, filters, and also a tilt-shift generator. Use Advanced filters to make a photo appear black and white, grunge, vintage, and more, and also add borders, blurring, scratches and special effects. The only downside is in making a crappy photograph appear good.

Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is an image-editing tool that has become the most popular mobile camera app in the world with more than 150,000,000 users worldwide. It lets you to apply several unique effects of every type to your favorite photographs, and also lets you to integrate the effects directly into the photographs as you capture them. You can apply various color filters to provide your pictures a different look, provide it layers and texture, tilt, some of the most unique frames, and also a sea of fun surprises. Camera360 turns simple smart phone photography into a powerful and social experience with the ability to share pictures directly through social platforms. Just a touch is needed to apply a light blur to a part of the picture or to frame the picture with a beautiful background. Moreover, to make your life simpler, Camera360 has introduced Camera360 Cloud to help you manage, edit, store, and share your pictures all in one place. Overall, Camera 260 Ultimate is one of the best image-editing tools that you can presently get on Android, especially because beyond having a huge amount of features, it is free and very simple to use.

360 Panorama

Developed by Occipital, the 360 Panorama application provides you an easy method for creating panoramic photos, removing the need to take several shots. The app lets you to produce seamless, ultra-wide images with a giant field of view of up to 360 degrees! It processes images in real time – it means you’ll see your panoramic shot unfold as you capture images. You don’t have to wait for each frame to be processed. Moreover, it can automatically capture and merge high-speed burst of full-res pictures, also take from clockwise or from left to right. This versatile app offers several attractive features beyond its major function, like gyro viewing, automatic GPS tagging, and embedding. The app allows you upload your work to Facebook or Twitter, and you can even email your photos to others. To use this app, you need to pay just $0.99, and then start capturing the big panorama image you want! Overall, if you want to make panoramas without the hassle of matching up shots, then this app has good features and sharing alternatives to assist you get the most out of your panoramic pictures.


The HDR look is very popular now, and with some additional tweaking only, you can provide your photos an almost fantastic, hyper-reality appearance. Pro HDR by EyeApps is an HDR photography app which captures high dynamic range photos. PRO HDR offers a number of options for various shooting circumstances while providing good results. The app will let you to choose the section of highlights and shadows, revealing individual frames accordingly. It actually records two photos, one exposed for the highlights, and other for the shadows. Then, it aligns and merges the photos, so you can obtain increased dynamic range, which is a fancy way of saying that your highlights won’t be blown out and your shadows won’t be much dark. Using PRO HDR, you can adjust settings like brightness, contrast, saturation, and tint to obtain a better output unlike other HDR apps where the final photograph is as unalterable – what you shoot is what you obtain (good or bad). However, the app doesn’t have a “reset” or “defaults” button to remove any unnecessary changes. Pro HDR allows you save and e-mail your completed image at full resolution. Overall, this is a fantastic go-to app for creating HDR photos, but note that it is not available free – pay $1.99 for Android and iOS.