Sports Tracker: Download Premium fitness app Free for Windows Phone 7


Sports Tracker available for free download on Nokia Lumia 800 and 710:

Windows Phone is the operating system that Microsoft has launched and promoted for the handheld devices for a long time now in fact the operating system is waiting for the release of its 8th  version that is expected by the mid of 2012. The one feature that makes an Android or an IPhone different than any other smartphone Is the array of apps that re available for these devices from the marketplaces provided by Google and Apple respectively.

Sports Tracker - Download Premium fitness app Free for Windows Phone 7

However, the other systems like the WP7, Bada  and BB os are fast catching up on that respect, they are also on a move to expand their marketplaces and are providing some really amazing apps to their users. Today we are going to talk about one of the more recent apps for the Windows Phone which is called the Sports tracker and indeed is one of interesting application for Windows Phone based devices.


The award-winning & free Sports Tracker app and service helps you train better. The FREE app is available for Android, iPhone and Nokia Symbian devices and is now coming for the yet untouched Windows Phone Platform. The developers have completed the first deliverable which includes training diary sync to the web and social sharing on Facebook and Twitter. But the company has planned to bring out several other features to the app in the coming days. The Diary will also sync your workouts to for backup and further analysis on the bigger screen

Here is a list of features that the app provides:

  • Tracking of Distance, Duration, Speed Avg, Speed, Pace, Maximum Speed and Energy spent in Kcal
  • Training diary for workout analysis
  • Diary Sync to the for the in depth analysis
  • Sharing o workouts to Facebook a, Twitter and other social networks.

After its launch back in 2007 at the Nokia Labs it became the company’s most popular app with millions of people opting to download the same so that they can better monitor their work outs and other fitness activities. Eventually the trio who invented Sports Tracker, Ykä Huhtala, Antti Sorvari and Jussi Kaasinen took over the project as a spin-off from Nokia in 2009.

The owners of the company once employees at the Nokia Labs believe that the WP platform is a very competitive one especially if one has some previous experience of development for Windows as the same tools can be used to develop for Windows Phone as well.  To celebrate and probably also to popularize the app the company has launched a competition on their Facebook page he Winner their can win A lumia 800 for himself. You can check out more about the competition here.

So there it is guys that is all that we know about this new app for the Windows Phone if you have the device you can give this one a shot and let us know of experiences with the same in the comments section below.