’s App help you search the best deal on an item from retail stores


Are you bored of visiting various stores to find an item at discounted price? If so, then’s App is here to help you search the best deal on an item from retail stores.

No matter whatever is your financial condition, it’s always good to save money for future use. How would you feel if you get a high priced item of high quality or hard-to-find item at the lowest price? You will surely like it, and think to buy it right now. There are numerous apps that provide great deals from discounted gift certificates to comparison shopping to coupons and bargains apps; however the trick is to find the apps that provide the best deals for products you want when you require them. One such good app is’s App, which offers an easier way to search the best deal on an item from retail stores.’s App is available to download for iPhone and iPad from App Store, for Android from Google Play store. As well, you can access from your mobile or tablet browser, which is mainly intended to work well from any device.

best deals on different products is a multi-device shopping platform to search different stores on the Web to stumble upon just the right products that shoppers are looking to purchase. It mainly focuses on the lifestyle products like kids and family, home and garden, apparel, accessories, fitness, health and beauty, etc. Uniquely personalized just for you, TheFind constantly knows your taste and style from your likes and purchases, activity, displaying you more from your preferred stores and brands.


For each search, TheFind displays the popular products from the well-known stores right on the first page of results, and makes shopping more efficient by allowing shoppers to find green brands or local stores, online coupons, all within a single user experience. Ultimately, TheFind manages all your shopping activity to speedily view what you’ve been looking for and what you’ve bought, and automatically tracks your shipments, returns and receipts.

The iPhone application of TheFind launched in the middle of 2013, and has now grown its iOS footprint to more than 1 million users, while Android app being launched recently. Similar to its iOS counterpart, the new app allows you type in keywords or scan barcodes for searching across above 500,000 stores and 500 million products; afterward find coupons, store locations, and price comparisons. Moreover, ‘Shoppable catalogs’ is a new feature available in the Android app. The app competes to some level with other price comparison sites and deal finders, such as ShopSavvy, or also Amazon, which includes a barcode scanner too.

How it works?

First of all, download the app for iPhone and iPad (link), or Android, or visit the website – Secondly, sign in using your facebook, google or yahoo account. It is advised to connect TheFind to your Facebook account to get best experience. It will give you search results as per your likes and interests. When you save a product, they keep track of that particular product for you, and as the price falls, you will get an alert stating that from where you can buy the product for a lower price.

When you are in a store, use TheFind’s app to compare pricing on any item. Simply scan an item’s barcode, and the app will notify you what it costs elsewhere, both locally and online. The app emphasizes price match accessible at stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Toys-R-Us, etc. The app will also show you any applicable coupons. If the item is price match eligible, the app will let you know where and just click to view the best-advertised price, and then grab the deal by showing the screen to the sales associate. Comparison shopping has never been such a trouble-free!

Good points:

  • Find the best deals available on the brands you love
  • Shop seamlessly wherever, whenever on any device and on
  • Scan barcodes speedily and accurately to get the best price offered
  • Check items available online and at local stores
  • Price Match on items in stores like Target, Best Buy, Walmart
  • Personalized shopping results as per your taste and style
  • Find coupon codes and deals on numerous products
  • Browse popular brand catalogs like Crate & Barrel, Zappos
  • Organize your receipts, purchases and shipping details automatically