All things to know about Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android


Google has recently launched an application named Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android to remotely control computer using your Android smartphone or tablet.

We all are aware of Chrome Remote Desktop that has been available for computers since 2011. The Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to remotely access the PC files from other PC. Now, Google has come up with a Chrome Remote Desktop app for android, which lets you to do the same thing from your Android smartphone or tablet. You can fully control your Windows or Mac PC from your Android device, so don’t worry if you forget an important file/document on your computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop Android app

To use the Chrome Remote Desktop android app, you need the Chrome browser and the Chrome Remote Desktop extension installed on your PC. The Chrome Remote Desktop extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store for free. It takes hardly 5 minutes and a bit technical knowledge to install and activate. Once you have added the app to Chrome, follow the online instructions and allow remote connections. Then, set a six-digit PIN number.


After doing this process, download and install the app on your android device. You can see a list of the systems that you have signed into with your Google account. Connect to any PC by entering the six-digit PIN number and remote control it using touchscreen controls. Make sure that you are signed into the same account in Chrome and Android device.

The controls are a bit tricky, if you want a full on-screen keyboard for text input, tap the keyboard icon. The app supports pinch-to-zoom and video playback. The cursor can be controlled by swiping finger across the screen. Tap the screen with one finger for left-click and two-finger for right-click. To drag for selections or to move windows, just tap and hold. Tapping the Menu icon brings up Ctrl+Alt+Del button and Disconnect option.

This app lets you to view files & folders and run desktop programs like Photoshop directly from your Android device. You can even share your desktop with other users. For security, all remote desktop sessions are encrypted via SSL encryption. Your session data is never recorded.

You can download the app for free of cost from the Play Store. The app is compatible with Android devices that are based on Android 4.0 and above.