Top 10 iOS and Android Apps launched in 2013


As 2013 comes to a close, let’s take a look at the list of top 10 Android and iOS applications launched in the year 2013.

No doubt the best way to get the most out of your smartphone, whether it’s Android or iOS, is to load it up with some great applications. Google’s Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store together offer plenty of interesting applications in various genres. In fact, last year i.e. 2013, both the Google App store and the Apple App store had crossed the 1 million apps mark! Now, just take a look at the list given below to know about the top Android and iOS apps that were launched in the year 2013. The list highlights top 10 apps (each for Android and iOS platform), that have shown excellent performance and are being well-received by users.

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Top 10 Android Apps of 2013:

Buy Me a Pie

After enjoying huge success on the iOS platform, the ‘Buy Me a Pie’ app made its way to Android too. Just as the name implies, Buy Me a Pie is a shopping management app that enable users to make shopping lists including quantities. Users can then share these lists with others via email, SMS or via other apps installed on the device. What’s more, it also has a cloud synchronization feature, which means if you’re an iOS or Android user, you can readily sync lists between accounts and devices.

Download link: Buy Me a Pie


Cal is a superb, feature-packed calendar app. Obviously, there are many Calendar apps out in the Play Store but what these apps usually do is perform some basic functions like plan events on certain days or set reminders. However, Cal app is quite different and of course, better than these apps as it has some really amazing features like GPS and contact sync, calendar sync with Google Calendar and Exchange, and more. Plus, it allows users to craft a personal message to send when the events occur. In short, it’s a calendar that you’ll actually enjoy using it.

Download link: Cal


Chirp is a smart new Android app that allows users to share stuffs like photos, links, notes and other contents – using sound! What the application will do is it will convert all your chosen files into digital audio and generate a sweet chirping sound. Your recipient’s Chirp app will then listen to sound & decode the digital data. The only requirement is that the recipients should have the app installed. And another great thing about this app is – all the files that you send & receive through Chirp will be stored in the app’s history, so that you can easily access them later. And you can even send your favorite stuff to multiple recipients at once. This magical app works on all 1 Ghz dual-core phones.

Download link: Chirp


Simplenote – one of the most popular and favorite note-taking apps – is now available for Android too. Simplenote is a handy app that enables users to add or modify or delete notes easily and quickly. The user-interface is quite simple. There’s no need to have an account to use it. The app can be downloaded and used for free, and synced with the cloud if and when you want to. You can also add a friend’s email id as a tag to a note, and by doing so the app will instantly share that note with him/her.

Download link: Simplenote


The famous and highly addictive puzzle game “Dots” has finally been launched for Android users. For those who don’t know, the overall objective of the game is to connect as many of the same-colored dots as possible in 60 seconds. And you can even compete against your friends by connecting through usual social networks. ‘Dots’ was released for iPad over two months ago, but the Android version brought a new exciting mode. It features a non-time-sensitive element, which means you can take a break, have a cup of coffee and come back to it while you think about the best way to move forward.

Download link: Dots


VSCO Cam is a smart photo-editing app with simple-to-use interface, powerful filters and amazing photo editing tools. The app has an integrated camera too, so snapping pictures and then applying different filters or tweaking looks is really a breeze. With the help of editing tools, you can readily alter the intensity of the filters, temperature, contrast, saturation, brightness, etc. In addition, you can share those edited pics across Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other social networks.

Download link: VSCO Cam


Themer is a superb customization app that lets you apply interesting themes for your Android device and customize its look and feel – with a single click. The app comes with dozens of themes that can literally give your device a whole new identity. Some of the themes offered by Themer are really fantastic.

Download link: Themer


Pearltrees is a very nice tool that lets you organize photos, videos, web pages, files & notes, and share them anywhere. With this app, you can easily arrange and re-arrange your findings from the web in as many ways and as many times as you like. The app has been available on the web and on iOS devices for quite some time, and now it is available as an Android app too. Just like its web and iOS version, the Android version will allow you to explore interesting content related to your interests in the form of ‘trees’. For instance, you could make a tree of images, articles and notes related to a specific theme and then if you search for that theme then you’d find your tree along with related ones created by other people.

Download link: Pearltrees


RefreshMe is another great app for Android users that lets them remember their phone conversations for later reference after they hang up. RefreshMe is a super-handy app for those who take an abundant number of phone calls in a day. They often struggle to remember where they have left off with their conversations and with whom. To help such people, what this app does is summarize the highlights of their conversations. You can get the summaries via SMS or email or you can even store them for future reference. Before making a call, you can scroll down from their contacts and take a look at the conversation notes before hitting the Call button. In this way, by downloading this app you can be more efficient and productive.

Download link: RefreshMe

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is an amazingly fun way to mix and make music. With this app, you can create your own smash hits with a lively approach. For this, the app offers four unique music styles, namely Rock Ballads, Dance, Electric Jazz and Hip Hop Vol.1. You can also get access to more exciting genres by purchasing them through in-app purchases. Furthermore, the Android version comes with a special function called ‘Shake’. Using this feature, you can even add new loops to songs at random by simply shaking your device!

Download link: Music Maker Jam

Top 10 iOS Apps of 2013:


Mega – the popular cloud storage service – is now available as iOS application too. Yes, now users can access their files stored at Mega on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device! Perhaps, the most exciting thing about this service is that it offers 50GB of free online storage space for users, which is certainly way more than other competing services. Moreover, inside the app, users can even upgrade their storage space by subscribing to ‘Mega Pro’ account with a monthly (US$10.99 per month) or yearly subscription (US$119.99 per year). With a Pro account, users can get access to 500 GB of storage space and 1000 GB of bandwidth per month!

Download link: Mega


Recordium is a simple yet feature-rich recording app. It enables users to highlight best sections of the track while playing or recording the audio. It also allows users to add attachments such as tags, notes and pictures to any part of the recording. With features like an intuitive and innovative UI, excellent playback, and multiple exciting options for customizing the size and quality of the recording, Recordium is undoubtedly an essential tool for everybody, especially students, journalists and musicians.

Download link: Recordium


Meet Composite – a brand new iOS app prototyping tool for Photoshop. It’s a great way of creating interactive prototypes. The app will first connect to your Photoshop documents, and then it will automatically convert them into fully interactive prototypes within seconds. There’s no need to export images or anything else for this. All you need is Photoshop (Elements 10+ or CS5+) and the $9.99 iPhone app, that’s it.

Download link: Composite


Thanks to this amazing app called Viz, now you can generate quick charts and graphs directly on an iOS device. With Viz (priced at $1.99), creating charts is really very simple. All you have to do is input data and select the type of chart you’d like to use from various chart types like Pie, Cloud, Bars, Scrapers and Parliament. And once chosen, you can then alter the color scheme as per your requirements. What’s more, you’ll be then provided with options to share it with others via a social network (like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), email it, or save it as a JPEG image file.

Download link: Viz


Want to learn how to code? If yes, then Codecademy app is for you. This app will help you learn the basics of computer programming in a fun way. More specifically, Codecademy app covers the absolute basics of coding, such as how programs are written. Plus, you will get access to few examples of what can be achieved with just a few lines of code. The lessons integrated in the app will cover almost all building blocks of computer science, including strings, operators, and others. In short, we can say that Codecademy is an excellent app for those who are interested in the subject of computer science and coding.

Download link: Codecademy


This app has been specifically designed to help you manage and enhance online relationships with the most important people in your life. It does this by bringing together all your relationships from email and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedln) in one unified inbox. Then, Cloze will automatically split all your contacts into two groups, namely ‘Key People’ and ‘Everyone Else’, by allocating each of your contacts a score based on some factors like how often you communicate with them, how often they respond to you, the form of communication that takes place, the breadth of topics you discuss, etc. If you are one of those who feel overwhelmed by the flood of tweets, facebook posts and emails, then Cloze is truly a handy tool for monitoring the important stuff, while ignoring the rest.

Download link: Cloze


Of course, there are plenty of excellent personal finance apps out, but if you’re looking for something that’s unique, then DollarBird app is worth downloading as it makes use of a familiar calendar layout to track & forecast all your expenses. It works just like a calendar. You can even color code various categories to take a quick glance at what you’ve spent, track your spending, set bill reminders on the main screen, and set up recurring transactions! At the end of the month, you can get access to all types of graphs showing how and where you spend money. Basically, this app can do just about anything that most of the finance apps do, but what makes it better than other is that it uses the calendar view which we already know and understand.

Download link: DollarBird


After much anticipation, EA Sports launched FIFA 14 as a free download for iOS in the month of September 2013. If you’re a soccer fan, then you’re going to love this game as you get to play with real-world fixtures featuring thirty three leagues, over 600 licensed teams and more than 16000 players. Unlike last year, when FIFA 13 game was priced at $6.99, FIFA 14 is absolutely free to download. However, it does contain some in-app purchases such as unlocking additional game modes and buying points to form your own fantasy team.

Download link: FIFA 14

Google Wallet [US only]

Exactly two years after it was launched on Android, the Google Wallet finally made its way to Apple’s Store in 2013. Now iPhone users can scan their debit/credit cards into the app, and then use them to transfer money to anyone (in US) who has a valid email address. Plus, they can get access to loyalty programs and nearby offers. The Tap-to-pay feature is absent in iOS version because iOS devices don’t support NFC (Near Field Communication). For security purpose, it is recommended to keep things locked using a PIN, and in case if you lose your smartphone or tablet then you can disable the app remotely via Google’s site.

Download link: Google Wallet

Field Trip (Google)

Now, Google’s location-based field trip application is available on iOS devices too. It will run in the background on your smartphone, alerting you whenever you approach interesting stuff anywhere in the world, no matter whether it’s something basic (like restaurants or coupons) or something more travel-oriented (like museums, historical landmarks, etc.). When you get that notification, you can then click on it to know more about it, view other cool places nearby, and even see it on a map so that you can check it out.

Download link: Field Trip

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