Top 10 Trending apps on Google Chrome Web store this month


The Google Chrome Web Store is ever expanding since its release, and has got quite a good collection of apps for Google Chrome. Here is a list of the top 10 trending apps on the Google Chrome Web Store this month.

Top 10 Trending apps on Google Chrome Web store this month


  1. NPR for Chrome

    This will provide News, Music, Arts and Life, and all other content which you love, in the magazine style. Some of the mostly used features include hourly newscasts, playlist and sharing. Moreover, bookmarking of your favorite stations is also supported.

    Download Link: NPR for Chrome

  2. Lord of Ultima

    This is a popular browser-based EA game, which is the simulation of an immersive medieval civilization. The in-depth strategic game play, and multiple social features will definitely keep your idle hours booked.

    Download Link: Lord of Ultima

  3. Hotmail

    This is one of the most popular email service, and is now available for Google Chrome. Providing unlimited storage, hard spam protection, and good support for smart-phones, the app is amazing.

    Download Link: Hotmail

  4. PDF Mergy

    As the name of the app suggests, this will allow to merge PDF files supporting a simple drag-and-drop interface. The files will be uploaded to a remote server and after some minutes of precessing, the merging will be complete.

    Download Link: PDF Mergy

  5. Crimson: Steam Pirates

    This is a browser-based action game and involves pirates and ships. Destroy your enemies as you go along the game play, commanding your fleet on the go. The game supports multiplayer scenarios as well.

    Download Link: Crimson: Steam Pirates

  6. Neon Race

    This is a racing game in HD, and provides a thrilling drive experience. The game supports upgrades for your vehicle, unlocking of super-fast cars and thus more entertainment.

  7. Ginger

    This is a spelling and grammar check tool available for Google Chrome, and thus will help improve in spellings and grammar constructs.

    Download Link: Ginger

  8. Fancy Tube

    This app is specially for YouTube videos, and provides some amazing features as Auto HD and size setting, automatic replay, ad blocking, video scrolling, different skins, space to pause and many more.

  9. Download Master

    This is quite an useful app for Google Chrome, and can download all the files linked on the web page. You may also select the specific files which you want to download.

    Download Link: Download Master

  10. Castle Empire

    This is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game of building your own kingdom. Raise you army and go ahead to conquer the world.

    Download Link: Castle Empire

So, go ahead and try out these amazing apps for your Google Chrome now.