Top 5 Apple iOS Apps for Recording Video


Earlier, we need a camcorder to shoot and record our own movie but it is very expensive. As now the smartphones are becoming more powerful, you can do almost all things with help of them. No longer, you need to bring bulky camcorder or to have video editing programs to shoot videos and create movie. Now, you are able to edit your vacation clips by using your iphone and a little creativity. Tons of video editing apps are available in the iTune store that lets you to make and edit videos from beginning to end by using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without laptop or PC. You can even share your finished creation with your friends and family directly from the apps. The apps are either free or paid with basic features or advanced features. The list containing top 5 paid Apple iOS videography apps is provided here to help you out.

Top 5 Apple iOS Apps for Recording Video

Top 5 Apple iOS Video Recording Apps

1. iMovie

Price: $4.99
Compatible with: iPad (2nd Gen), iPhone (4th Gen) and iPod touch (4th Gen)
Requires: iOS 5.1 or higher
Download Link: iMovie

iMovie is great and simple to use application for making movies and trailers on your iPhone and iPad. It comes with 8 different professionally-looking themes that are simple, well designed and funny. There are 9 built-in trailers along with immersive graphics to create the wonderful preview for the movie. For creating a movie, users are required to add videos and photos from the camera roll to the timeline. They can also shoot video clips directly into the app and after that arrange them on a timeline. Users have to double-tap on the clip in the timeline and the option for adding title, adjusting the clip’s location information & audio and deleting the clip bring up. Soundtracks from the media browser can be added to the timeline to play in the background. One of 8 themes can be applied with transitions. Once you finish your movie, you can directly upload it to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and CNN iReport.


2. Splice

Price: $3.99
Compatible with: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd Gen), iPod touch (4th Gen) and iPad
Requires: iOS 4.2 or above
Download Link: Splice

Splice is the highly sophisticated video editing app that allows users to use their photos and video clips for creating cool videos. It is among the most comprehensive video editing apps that are available for iPhone. It is also considered as an alternative app for iMovie. Users can assemble videos and photos by using ‘drop-and-drag’ feature. They can add music tracks from their iPod – library, borders, sound effects and transitions to improve their videos. Users can add multiple videos/photos to the timeline at once. They can also trim the video, mix various audio tracks, add title slides over the videos and synchronize sound effects and voice-overs. Users are able to apply Ken Burns effect on recorded videos. The app includes pre-loaded music and tunes but users can get more from iTunes or other sources. The best thing in this app is that it allows you to adjust volume of audio and video tracks.

3. Silent Film Director

Price: $2.99 (For Pro Version) and $0.99 (For Standard Version)
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Requires: OS 4.2 or more
Download Link: Silent Film Director

Silent Film Director is a great app for making silent and vintage films within minutes. There are two versions of the app: Standard and Pro. Difference between the both versions is the amount of features they have. Standard version lets you to make silent and vintage films with basic editing options. You can add soundtrack & 6 video effects 20s movie, 60s movie, 70s movie, black and white, sepia and vintage sepia) as well as customize video quality (low, normal, high and HD) and speed. You can shoot video directly into the app or select from the saved video file. Pro version allows you to make films with basic and more editing tools. You can add 8 different types of film transitions, stylish title cards with 5 authentic fonts and mirror effect. You can also mix videos with images, trip and split the video and duplicate the video pieces. In both versions, you can share movie on YouTube, Facebook and Email. You can also submit your created movie to the International Contest.

4. CinePro

Price: $2.99
Compatible with: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th Gen), iPad 2 and iPad (3rd Gen)
Requires: iOS 5.1 or higher
Download Link: CinePro

This marvelous in-betweener app helps you edit videos on the move. It includes features such as video filters and auto-focus. It also has a framing grid, more advanced controls and histogram. The app lets you see the changes you make in the video immediately. You can adjust the FPS, zoom, ISO settings, exposure, aspect ratio, autofocus, white balance and torch. Just, tap on the bottom for changing the filter and you can also record video in Best Mode at 1080P. Once you record the video, you are able to view the clip in a preview window. You can add filters to your original recording and after finishing the video recording, and save it to the camera roll. You can also upload your recording directly to YouTube and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

5. Camera Plus Pro

Price: $1.99
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Requires: iOS 4.1 or higher
Download Link: Camera Plus Pro

Camera Plus Pro is clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate app. It is among the most advanced camera apps that are available for iPhone. This powerful and one-stop photo & video app allows you to capture, edit, manage and share with others via email or several social networking easily. There are four menu items on the home screen of the app such as the shutter button, picture taking settings, the video recording button, the front facing camera button and internal photo library. There are 18 Live photo filters and 9 Live video filters which lets you to preview photos and videos in full screen. Users can add timer, burst mode & geo tags as well as able to make adjustments for contrast, white balance, brightness, sharpness, saturation, color temperature, hue intensity and tint. Users can also see the improvement in their photos after making the adjustments. They can remove footage and shorten their video clips. There are also 36 Editing photo filters, Time-lapse video capture, 9 Distortion effects and 9 Custom Border effects. Users can lock the selected photos thanks to Privacy Protection. You can easily share the photos and videos on Twitter and Facebook. You can post photos on Flickr and Picasa as well videos on YouTube.