Top 5 Facebook extensions for Google Chrome


Google Chrome has become one of the most sought after and used browsers in the recent times, beating Firefox and Internet Explorer. The most obvious reason for this sudden popularity might be taken to be the beta launch of the extensions gallery of Chrome. With over thousands of extensions available, Chrome is becoming an all-purpose browser, which can be adapted according to the needs of the user.

Top 5 Facebook extensions for Google Chrome

Here we shall discuss about the top 5 Google Chrome extensions for Facebook.


  1. Facebook Fixer:

    This is a plug-in for enhancement and will definitely improve your Facebook browsing experience. With support for improved viewing of photos and albums, and even downloading of videos, the extensions is worth a try.

  2. Facebook Beautifier

    This extensions will add to your Facebook experience by providing short-cut keys and a wonderful design. The appearance is amazing and is definitely appealing and attractive with rounded rectangles.

  3. Facebook Cleaner

    easy to control and use, this extension will remove all sidebar alerts like friend suggestions and will also remove sponsored and displayed ads from your user profile. You may select what to remove from your user profile.

  4. Ibrii

    This is a popular extension among Facebook lovers, and will improve your experience in sharing links, videos and images on Facebook. With only dragging of the media item to the sidebar of Google Chrome, sharing becomes much simpler and easier.

  5. Facebook

    Last but not the least, Facebook is one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions which has got approximately more than 34,000 downloads a week. The mobile-type interface makes you feel easy to use and you do not need to load the heavy site. This is light and will allow you to do all sorts of activities, the basic ones being chatting, messaging, setting updates and checking of friends activities.

So, go ahead and try out these amazing Facebook extensions for your favorite browser, Google Chrome, now.