Top Indian Apps for Windows 8 Consumer Preview


We have already seen the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, where Microsoft introduced its upcoming operating system called the Windows 8 and also some aspects which it to revolutionize tablet optimizations with its native app store. Now the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 has been made available for download by Microsoft. Read on for a detailed review.

Top Indian Apps for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The apps from the app store showed the Metro design philosophy which made Windows Phone 7 very popular. So the new apps for Windows 8 will certainly follow the same design guidelines as the Windows Phone 7. There are amazing Indian apps already available from the app store, and here is a list of the top ones available.


  1. Zomato

    This is a restaurant and event guide app which showcases interestingly the Metro UI and food thumbnails which lead to various restaurants depending on the type of cuisine. There is also a content section, called Crunch, and offers articles on eating out, recipes and interactions with chefs.

  2. CBazaar

    This is an app based on an e-commerce site which has its focus set on South-Asians who are living outside the sub-continent and offers Indian clothing. This app will allow the user to browse, search and buy products such as clothes, jewelry, handbags and so on without actually visiting the site.

  3. iStream

    This app will provide live TV streams, movies and video clips. This is given by the company A2Media, and plans to add hundreds of new videos daily to the library of TV Shows, Movies and News Bulletins in different Indian languages as English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

  4. TOI

    This is the Times of India app for Windows 8 and offers top stories and news in various sections and categories. Though there is no extended functionality as of now, but it may improve in the days to come.

  5. NDTV

    With this app, you can keep yourself updated with the latest information in the fields of business, sports, finance, entertainment and others. Providing featured articles, pictures and videos, the app also offers a live tile, and seems to be a Metro-fied take on the NDTV website.

So, now that you know about the best Indian apps available in the app store for Windows 8, stay tuned for more updates.