Yahoo Finance App For Android: Free Download from Android Market


Smartphones are becoming a revolution these days and it is no news to say that most of them are running the Android operating system– the fastest growing operating systems in the world. One of the major plus points going in the favor of the Android operating system is its mega app store the one that is second to only one in the whole wide world that is the iTunes app store owned and run by Apple.

Yahoo Finance App For Android: Free Download from Android Market

One of the most tedious tasks on your android phone is finding apps that will suffice your finance requirements. Well, one of the biggest companies in the world has now taken on the responsibility to introduce a new a financial app to the app store. The app is called the Yahoo finance and is available for free download from the Android market place.

Up until this morning, Android users in need of up-to-the minute finance information were best served by the Google Finance app. Now, Yahoo’s aiming to offer another easily accessible option with its own popular Finance app, which finally made its way onto the mobile OS earlier today. Yahoo Finance for Android appears to carry over many of the most useful features from the Web service, including real-time quotes and a customizable stock watch list. You also get access to Yahoo Finance portfolios, company stats and news, and Tech Ticker videos.


The app is currently available in the United States, with worldwide availability coming in the future. Stateside users can download Yahoo Finance for free by searching in the Android Marketplace directly on a device, or you can head over to Yahoo’s mobile blog and scan the barcode on the screen.

Features of Yahoo Finance App:

Here are the major features that the app carries in itself:

– Designed for you: Available for any phone from the mobile Web or as an app for iPhone users

– Follow the market: Follow the broad market indices or a specific company–it’s your choice

– Financial news: From the day’s top stories to stories specific to a company you’re following, if you want financial news, you’ll find it here

– Your portfolios: Have a personalized portfolio on Yahoo! Finance on your computer? Follow the same portfolio right on your phone

– Follow your company: Drill down into specific company information that’s important to you

– Currency converter: Need to know how the Dollar converts to the Rupee? The built-in currency converter will give you the data you need

Before this app was launched Yahoo had a premiere finance site that could do all that this app does for you not that the site will be done away with but Yahoo has launched this app to provide greater user friendliness to its end users.

So, there you have it if you are a reader from the states just hit up the Android Market and download it now. Once you have used the app do not forget to let us know your views about the app and whether there are any bugs that have been unreported in the comments section below.

Introducing the new Yahoo! Finance mobile app:

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    totally hit up d android market…i just download it. features of d yahoo finance app for android include….awesome!!! loved it. much nicer than google finance.

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    yahoo finance app for iphone = totally sick!! lol

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    new yahoo! finance app for blackberry! wow it lets us keep tabs on ur portfolio, financial news, n more.

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