Yahoo Hub – Free Text Messaging App for Android


Don’t you think that the mobile market is already saturated with group-messaging apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage of Apple, BlackBerry Messenger of RIM, Facebook Messenger, PingChat, Kik etc?? Now, Yahoo is also going to try its luck by throwing its hat in this saturated market via new Android app named Yahoo Hub. Yahoo had launched this app with the aim of reducing the divide between data-centric messaging and traditional SMS software. You will get the easier way for the conversations from your phone using Yahoo Hub that contains a tagline: “conversations made easy”.

Yahoo Hub - Free Text Messaging App for Android

Yahoo Hub offers single and group message conversation service which exists separate from well-liked Messenger service of Yahoo, instead of being incorporated into it. It is a fast and user-friendly text messaging app which enables you for group conversations and for sending text messages without any cost. Hub permits you to easily include participants to any discussion thread so it is very simple to change from personal messaging to a group conversation.


One best thing of this easy-to-use messaging app is that the messages are sent via your data connection or via WIFI, and your friends don’t require the app to reply; they can reply through their own SMS services regardless of device they have. It is an agnostic app which allows you to communicate with any person via any mobile device. If both you and your friend possess installed Yahoo Hub, then when you chat, your messages will be sent via data. But if only you are using this app, then your friend will get 2 separate text messages, one is an intro message and other is your sent message. But there is a requirement of US SIM card to receive the text messages via this service.

You will be provided with conversation details which include list of participants and 2 options; one is Leave Conversation and other is Clear History. By using Leave Conversation, you can remove yourself from conversation and by using Clear History, you can clear all the messages in the conversation.

Currently, this app is in beta and you can download it from the Android Marketplace. There is a requirement of Android OS 2.1 or above for this app. Customers also required a US SIM card with a text plan to get this service. At present, this app is available for the users in United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Canada, Kuwait, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines. As well, SMS receivers may be charged by means of their carriers. Yahoo Hub looks identical to BlackBerry Messenger at some extent, according to screenshots of app provided by Yahoo.

Key Features of Yahoo Hub

  • Instant notifications – You will never miss a conversation as this app provides push notifications for incoming messages.
  • Local and international SMS messages: This app allows you to send text messages for free to any other Hub users or any mobile phone.
  • Group Messaging: There is also a facility of group conversations with some friends at one time.
  • Message any phone: Your friends can reply through any SMS services regardless of device they have.
  • Privacy: You can easily view and include participants to any conversation thread