Specifications we expect in iPhone 5


Apple‘s 5th generation iPhone, iPhone 5 has been catching tons of eyeballs. It is among the most awaited smartphone of the world. It was expected to release in September 2011 but according to latest reports it is going to launch in August 2011. After the release of Apple iPad 2 the expectations towards Apple iPhone 5 is very high. Every day new rumors and leaks are getting posted on the internet about the iPhone 5 that what new specifications are going to be included in it. Apple iPhone 5 is expected to have new features which may change the smart phones’ market. Here are provided the expected specifications of iPhone 5.

Specifications we expect in iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 Expected Specifications

1) Quantum-Dot LED Screen

These days many cell phones have OLED (organic light emitting diode) screens. OLED screens increase sharpness and brightness of the phone as well as consume less power. QD-LED (Quantum dot light-emitting diodes) screen has many similar qualities like OLED but does not display the same degradation problems of OLEDs. QD-LED screen is also inexpensive to make. Quantum dots are inorganic nano-size crystals which create light when stimulated with photons or electrons. QD-LED screen provide more clarity and richer colors than OLED.

2) Enhanced 3D Graphics

Enhanced 3D graphics feature is also expected in iPhone 5. A PowerVR SGX545 chip is used for better graphics and 3D acceleration. The current versions of iPhone are running on a PowerVR SGX535 chip.

3) MHL Connector

MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) is a new mobile audio/video interface standard to connect cell phones and portable devices to HDTVs as well as other home entertainment products. MHL connector merges microUSB and HDMI jack and thereby gives data connectivity, ability to play 1080p HD video & power to the phone through a tiny plug. But there is almost no chance that Apple will change its proprietary connector and antiquate the total ecosystem of iPhone accessories by changing the iPhone to MHL. However we will love at least an adapter.


4) Improved Battery Life

We can surely expect improved battery life. There are some rumors that suggest the standby time of iPhone 5 can be up to 400 hours. If it is found true then it will be a great improvement. iPhone 4 has standby battery of 300 hours.

5) Solar Charging

If iphone 5 will have solar charging feature, then Apple will be the first to free us from the problem of charging our phones each night. You need to charge kindle one time in a week but to do the same for smartphone will need a major change like making it solar-powered. Phones spend lots of their existence in pockets so it sounds silly but technology like Wysips, absorbs whatsoever light energy around it whether it is big (the sun) or small (room lighting).

6) Liquid-Lens Camera

Camera phones have certain number of megapixels but still they are limited by necessitate to be packed into such a small space. Liquid-lens camera is prepared from two liquids (oil and water) of equal density inserted between 2 pieces of clear glass or plastic. To get some of the effect of optics, liquid-lens camera uses refractive fluid. Liquid camera lenses need only a fraction of the energy required by recent digital cameras. Liquid camera lenses have no moving parts so they suffer no wear and tear.

7) Transparent Display

There are many transparent parts in phones such as the LG GD900 but no manufacturer has made a phone with a transparent main display, despite a couple of concepts. Transparent touch display will let the users to convert their iphone 5 into the transparent iphone that they have been waiting for. While playing video or showing photos the display would have to become opaque. It will be an excellent move for Apple to debut something miles ahead of the curve in terms of sexiness.

8) Tactile Touch Screen

Many people do not like to type on touch screens so they select the phone that have full keyboard. Apple’s had nothing to provide fans of tactile feedback till now but sophisticated haptic technologies might alter that. Pixel-sized shape-memory plastic cells are used by tactile touchscreen to create a ‘real’ texture, reflecting what is observed on the screen. Tactile touchscreen technique makes the users feel that it contain buttons which will do wonders to satisfy both keyboard traditionalists and those who like smooth feel of an LCD underneath their fingers.

9) iCloud

Apple will also unveil officially iCloud with iOS 5 almost the same time iPhone 5 is expected. Apple iCloud will allow the effortless, automatic, wireless syncing between multiple devices such as iPad, iPhone and Windows or Mac PCs. iCloud stores the content of the users so they can always access the content from their iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, or PC. iCloud also let the users to access their latest photos, apps, music, and more instantly.