How to Use MixBit App for Android and iOS to create Custom Videos?


Download and Install MixBit App on your android and iOS device to record, edit and publish videos as short as one second or as long as an hour custom video directly through mobile device.

We live in transitory, technology-driven times and today, many of the video footage in the world are captured through mobile phone. At present, most of the Smartphone comes with both front and rear facing camera to capture image and record video, but there is no feature to share them with the world. Fortunately, there are a plethora of mobile apps invented for recording and sharing memories. In addition, multiple-video creation application enables users to add stupendous effects and connect via facebook and Twitter. Vine and Instagram are most popular video sharing and recording application, but Vine limits your videos to several seconds even doesn’t give editing features. Neither Vine nor Instagram can satisfy your short-form cinematic desires, you should try one new video editing application for it… namely “MixBit” that allows users to record, edit and publish as long as an hour and as short as one second video straight from your handset. Both android and iOS users can use Mixbit application to create custom videos.

accessing mixbit on Smartphone

Mixbit is a new short form free video app created by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. It differentiates itself from the competition of Vine and Instagram video, because it focuses on people making videos together, and does it with a simple, fun, interface. Using this application, you can compose maximum 256 short video clips from unlimited number of people. However, you can shoot video shot of only up to 16 seconds apiece. With Mixbit, you can do little editing and add together multiple clips for creating one hour movie. It comes with a slight learning curve, so you can get some tips for creating video clips that will wow all of your online pals. It is really amazing and most useful tool to encourage and enable people to work together.

This free app comes with sleek intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is structured with minimalistic and borderless design. It gives complete tutorial to create video clips. To shoot video in the smaller portrait format, you have to press and hold large button. And for landscape view, you have to hold your finger on the screen. You can use both front and rear-facing camera to shoot video, even show or hide a grid overlay and turn on camera flashes if you want.


Use landscape mode to create full quality video. When you capture video by holding the camera in portrait orientation, your image will be cropped automatically to a wide aspect ratio. Each video is available with unique color spectrum that is based on number of small clip that included it. Users can add any video clips from their camera roll to their collections together with footage shot within the app. You can’t add or shoot more than 16 seconds video clips. However, the second readout over each video is for the whole compilation length, not the individual clip. So, it’s really difficult to know which clips are longer.

On the home page, it will give “m” icon that consists of menu like My Videos, My Projects and Account together with featured page. From the My Videos tab, you can access your uploaded video content, while you can view and edit your works that in progress from My Project tab. Users can record video for their project just by tapping plus sign. No usernames attached with MixBit creations, but each video is displayed with the details like its uploaded time, number of viewing, the number of clips included in that video and its overall length.

Like Vine, it does not autoplay video; to see a preview of different clips inside that video, you have to click on video thumbnail. Once you settled on an upload titled “4 Ways to Remove a Beard,” you can tap it to watch. It is available with drag and drop feature to trim, delete or rearrange clips directly through the application. You can edit video anytime even after publishing it. The webpage of mixbit enables user to team up with each other and remix videos uploaded by the community. You don’t require camera to create custom video, because they can create it just by remixing video clips that you discover on the site.

How it works:

Install Mixbit: It is available for both iOS and android version, so download it from App Store or Google Play and install it. After that, launch application and take a look around.

Info page of mixbit

Do registration: However registration is not required to create and publish your project on the mixbit webpage, it is required to manage and share your projects that you have published. Select account from top-left of the screen and click on the register tab and complete the registration with email address and password. There is also option to publish short video clips straight to your social networking site like facebook, Twiiter, and Google Plus.

Registration page of mixbit

Create video: As soon as you registered in the application, it will bring towards dashboard, where you will be able to create video. Making videos with MixBit is a snap also as easy as any other application. You can enter video mode just by clicking on “+” button at the top-right of the screen.

Video recording page on MixBit App

Capture video: You can capture video just by holding record button. Users can capture top-quality video in landscape mode. To record video in landscape mode, you have to hold down on the screen to begin recording. It gives three basic functions to generate best possible video, with self-explanatory icons. In low light setting, you will get brightness icon that become useful to keep flash light up. Grid feature will help you to keep your subjects just where you want them to be in the frame. There is also position swap to change focus to you, and record a lovely ol’ selfie video. Each part of the video will be saved separately, so you can edit it easily afterward.

Mixbit’s video setting page

Edit video: When you are done recording, an arrow button will bring you towards MixBit’s editing screen. Here, you can trim duplicate, re-order, or delete each part of your project. You just simply drag and drop to change the order of your clips. To trim a clip, duplicate it or delete it, you have to highlight the content and touch the related button on the editing screen. Beyond straightforward trimming and re-ordering; there are no filters, no anti-shake, no time-stretch, or even clarity and contrast adjustment features.

Mixbit’s editing page

Upload a video: As soon as you done editing your masterpiece, you will get three options including import clip, import photo and save clip 3. Using import function, you can add videos and photos from your phone’s camera roll. There is also option to save your project in draft to make some tweaks, and share them in future. It is really best feature to create fun short film also it adds still and flashbacks in to your project.

Mixbit’s importing content page

Share your video: Once you have created the ultimate mashup of videos and pictures, hit on the arrow to enjoy its sharing interface. Just like vine and instagram, you can give video title, add hashtags and a location. You can share your video on facebook and twitter. However, the application is created by YouTube founder but you can’t share your creation on YouTube. It will also post your video namelessly to support the app’s collaborative purpose.

Mixbit’s video publishing and sharing page

Shorter videos will take less time than longer videos for uploading. Avoid using cellular data when publishing longer videos, because the upload time could end up being costly. Overall, MixBit App is good place to create and share video. If you like something on featured page, then you can save it just by holding them until you see green check-mark appear. The clip will be saved in your library that you can combine with your own videos to create custom video.

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