Useful Google Search Tips you must know


Google search is one of the best search engines and it is used worldwide by heaps of people to search on various issues, products, topics, tips, etc. Most of people use Google in its simplest form; they simply enter the keywords in the search bar and search anything. If you are one of them, then let me tell you that, Google search is featured with some built-in functions which make the searching stuff even easier. This built-in functions provide a better way for Google searching and they are not hard to capture. This article includes some Useful Google Search Tips based on built-in Google functions; just follow the tips to simplify your Google Search and become Google expert.

Useful Google Search Tips you must know

1, Google Search uses the synonyms automatically

Searching for ‘Scared of the dark’ also include the search results for ‘afraid of the dark’ and ‘fear of the dark’. Here, ‘afraid’ and ‘fear’ are synonyms of ‘Scared’ which are employed automatically by Google, for the search results of ‘Scared of the dark’.

2, The power of symbols

Putting a tilde “~” symbol directly in front of search term provide search results for that term plus its synonyms or similar words. For instance, typing ~food facts in search bar also includes results for “nutrition facts”.

The asterisk “*” symbol has a very powerful feature. In Google search, it works as a placeholder for any wildcard or unknown word of phrase and helps to discover the best matches. For example: searching for ‘a * saved is a * earned’ provides results like ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’, ‘a whore saved is a whore earned’, ‘a ‘stossel’ saved is a ‘stossel’ earned’, etc.


You can place a minus “-” symbol before any word, if you want to exclude all results which contain that word. This is particularly useful for similar terms such as jaguar – the animal and Jaguar – the car brand; searching results of lsquo;jaguar speed – car’ will exclude the results related to jaguar car. That is not all; the – symbol can also be used to exclude types of websites, like searching results of ‘pandas’ will exclude the results from Wikipedia.

3, Google Search Is Always Case Insensitive

That means, ABCD = abcd. You can find your searching results with both uppercase and lowercase letter contents, no matter you have searched by uppercase or lowercase. For example, National Geographic Expeditions is the same as national geographic expeditions, so searching for any of them provides the results for both. Moreover, the punctuation marks like [email protected]#$%^&*()=+{}[]\ and other special characters are usually ignored in Google searching.

4, Magic of Quotes in Google Search

Google allows the users to search for precisely matched results for one definite word by placing double quotes around that word. Same way, if you want to search any phrase in its exact words and exact order without any change, place double quotes around phrase or a set of words. This option is useful, if you want to search for adages, song lyrics or a line from literature.

5, Search for Specific Filetype Documents

Google enables the users to find documents of the specified type. For example, filetype:pdf Steve Jobs provides the results for Portable Document Format files on Steve Jobs and filetype:ppt Steve Jobs provides the results for Powerpoint Presentation files on Steve Jobs.

6, Get Search Results from One Specific Website

Google enables the users to specify that their search results must come from one specific website. Search by ‘ wallpapers’, and you will get the results regarding wallpapers but only from

7, Search for Related Websites

In Google, it is very simple to search for websites related to one specific website. Type ‘related: name of site’ in Google search bar, and you will get all related websites. Example – related:

8, Search by Specifying the Domain

Specify your desired domain and get your search results within your domain criteria only. Example: icesoap or angry birds space or rosenthal crockery.

9, Title Specifying Search

By placing the ‘intitle:’ in front of term, you can search the web page titles which contain that search term. Example – ‘intitle:cristiano ronaldo’ provides the web page titles containing the name cristiano ronaldo, a Portuguese footballer.

10, Search the Web Address of a Page

Users have an ability to search the Web Addresses or URLs of pages containing specific terms. For example, ‘inurl:gob bluth’ searches the web addresses containing both “gob” and “bluth”.

11, Power of Numeric Ranges

This is a rarely used, but very handy tip. If you want to find results that contain any of a range of numbers, place … between numbers. This type of search is valuable for prices, years, or anything in which you need to provide a series of numbers. Example: Olympics 1950…1960 or president 1940…1950 or camera $40…$80.

12, Get Word Definitions

Want to quickly lookup the definition of a term from various dictionaries? Simply use ‘define:’ operator and get a list of dictionary definitions. Example – define: sympathetic.

13, Give Options to Yourself

Considering each specified word in a search is the default behavior of Google. By using the OR operator, users can specifically search for either one of two words/numeric. ‘India poverty 1999 OR 2000’ will provide the results about one of these years, whereas ‘India poverty 1999 2000’ (without the OR) will provide the results which contain both years on the same page.

14, Search by Image

Google also facilitates the searching by an image. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping an image into the search bar. There is also another option; click on the ‘camera’ icon situated at left-hand side in search bar, and either paste the URL of image you want to use or Upload the image.

15, Power of Google Convertor

Google allows the users to convert units of measurements such as time, mass, length, currency, temperature, etc. You have ability to convert units like liters into ml, kilometers into miles, millimeter into inches, etc. Example: type ‘100km in miles’ or ‘25litres in ml’ in search bar, and get results instantly.

16, Learn From the Masters

Google facilitates the users to search for papers by means of specific authors. Example – author:degrasse tyson universe and author:stephen hawking.

17, Stay Up To Date with Weather Updates

The users have an ability to know the weather condition of any city and any place by using the ‘weather:’ operator. Example – weather: New York

18, Sync Yourself with Local Time Anywhere

By using the ‘time:’ operator, you can ask Google to give the current time at any location. Example – time: California, USA.

19, Get Instant Solution for Math Problems

You can utilize Google search as a calculator as it has capability to calculate anything from the most complex equation to the easiest math. All you have to do is just entering your math problem in search bar and clicking ‘enter’. Example: entering a math problem, sin(pi / 8) + ((26 + 12) * 6) – 20, in Google search bar gives a result 208.382683.

20, Track Flight Prices

You can search for the price of any flight just by entering departure and arrival airport codes. Example: SFO BOS.

21, Keep Your Mad Stacks in Check

By using a ‘stocks:’ operator or just by entering a valid ticker symbol, users can get the stock information including current financials and a quick thumb-nail chart. Example – stocks:goog or goog.