• Aaron Epstein

    Why can I not enter Peoplepc/webmail any more. Yesterday it was ok but not today. What’s going on?
    Yesterday and before, on the Google entrance info, I’d type ‘peoplepc’ and a list of various Peoplepc item would show up and one of them was ‘WebMail’ but now it no longer appears. How do I retreive me EMAIL?

  • Marion DeFazio

    I haven’t been able to enter PeoplePc/Webmail either! All of these other sites are coming up on the screen and I have to make several “roundabout” attempts to check my e-mail. It’s very frustrating. What is going on? (Note: For a brief time today, my e-mail was “redirected” to another site and came up easily. However, that didn’t last long.)

  • Doug Nelson

    Same problem as Aaron E. and Marion D. Likewise, very frustrating.