AppMobi’s MobiUs Web Browser is rich of features


As technology and web standards are developing, the capability and power of Web apps is increasing gradually. Recently, mobile software development firm appMobi revealed a new MobiUs browser powered with HTML5 for iOS. This browser comes with full capabilities of tablets and smartphones which are typically found only on the native apps of the mobile Web, such as accelerometer, gravity sensing, camera, GPS, vibration and sound. MobiUs indicates the state of the art in browser technology of mobile.

AppMobi's MobiUs Web Browser is rich of features

The AppMobi’s browser works either as a standalone mobile browser alternative or it can power websites and Web apps with full functionality of native app, for instance the Safari browser for iPhone. User can allow their web apps to run on their device via any mobile browser by simply adding an HTML tag to their web app hyperlinks. Web-based Push notifications, full screen browsing, mobile-optimized tabbed browsing, built-in e-commerce capabilities and orientation locking are also touted by MobiUs, similar to native apps.


MobiUs is integrated with 2 full sets of APIs both from appMobi and from open-source PhoneGap framework to provide a native look and feel to the Web apps, as well the capability to access all the hardware features from the smartphone.

This browser maximizes your mobile’s screen by allowing you to visit the “full screen” web site, and eliminates the wasted indicators and status bars which are common to all other browsers. You can flip in and out to full screen mode easily.

This is the first browser which facilitates the new HTML5 notifications. This permits your visited web sites to send you push notifications to point out something new which needs your attention.

MobiUs comes with DirectCanvas game acceleration technology of AppMobi, for supercharged HTML5 gaming. DirectCanvas optimizes the performance of drawing and sound of your game by 500% and makes the web games as responsive and as fast as native games.

This browser also allows you to select the orientation you desire to view the site, and then lock it. This will prevent the irritating auto-redraws that occur when your phone experiences a change of rotation.

MobiUs’s user interface is optimized for the mobile browsing on the go. The tabs are big and simple to find and choose, in contrast to other browsers where you need to tap and scroll for finding the tab you want.

An iOS version of MobiUs is accessible in the Apple app store and the Android version will be available in first quarter of 2012.

Key features of MobiUs

  • Web-based push notifications, which can comprise animations, audio, text and video messages
  • Mobile-optimized tabbed browsing
  • Mobile-optimized web app hoarding for instant access to web apps even when the gadget is not connected
  • Built-in single click e-commerce capacity via one touch digital wallet technology of appMobi
  • DirectCanvas HTML5 game acceleration technology for optimized gaming performance and speed
  • In-app access to hardware functionality of device, such as the GPS, accelerometer, microphone, vibration, compass, camera and more
  • Orientation locking
  • Full screen browsing