Best 6 Firefox Alternatives [Editor’s Pick]


Firefox is a browser people have been using for years. It is a really appreciable web browser, but at the same time it has some cons too. The main problem with Firefox is its compatibility. Many websites do not open properly in Firefox, and require to be viewed with IE. Firefox also takes a lot of memory to run. It tends to freeze and close when too many tabs are opened simultaneously, that is why Firefox invested heavily for the recovery memory feature. If you are really fed up of using Firefox and want something new, then it is the time to check out some other cool alternatives to your not so favorite Firefox.

Best 6 Firefox Alternatives

Some top names are listed below, that you can choose as one of your Firefox alternatives:

1. Arora

Arora is a fast, free to use, lightweight and cross-platform web browser with an elegant design and great interface. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, embedded Linux, Linux, Haiku, FreeBSD and any other platform that is supported by the Qt toolkit. It uses the QtWebKit port of the fully standards compliant WebKit layout engine. It features powerful JavaScript engine, fast rendering and supports Netscape plugins as well. Arora has a small and simple code base.


Apart from some essential features like history, bookmarks and tabbed browsing, it also includes many other features like super fast startup, smart location bar, session management, privacy mode, download manager, integration with desktop environments, ClickToFlash plugin, flexible search engine management, 30 translations and WebInspector (a set of tools for web developers). It does not have extensions, but if you just want a solid performer then it will be good choice.

2. RockMelt

RockMelt was founded in 2009 and it is located in sunny Mountain View, CA. It provides a fundamentally better experience of internet by re-imagining the browser the way people are using internet today. It is a completely modern take on the web browser paradigm. It has been built on the basis of the idea that social networking is a really important part of online activity for a lot of people today. As a result of it, you get a browser that integrates completely into Facebook. You literally log in to Facebook when the browser begins; hence it keeps your network open as you browse.

RockMelt has a Built-in chat feature through which you can stay connected with friends while surfing the internet. The Share button allows you to quickly update your status, post on walls and tweet links. Social Reading feature helps to discover the hottest news from friends. Automatic sync allows access to the latest news and bookmarks. This is not all; RockMelt also includes a full set of features similar to Google Chrome.

3. nBrowser

nBrowser is a new, webkit based, open source web browser from Exebot. Currently it supports only some basic features, so you should not expect a complex Internet browser. nBrowser does not contain any spyware or adware. 3.0 RC2 (15.04 MB) is the latest version of this software, available for download. This web browser offers a speedy performance with the trademark lean footprint. It has a sparse interface and it works excellently without any fuss.

You can download it and use this web browser for free. If you are looking for a small browser, you should give nBrowser a try and check out its features. Some of the features of its latest version include New Settings Panel, Multiple Theme Colors, Home Page Support, Faster startup, Multiple Search Engine Support, Loads web pages faster, Fixed bug in search box, Added home button to title bar, various security patches, and much more.

4. Maxthon 3

Maxthon 3 is part of the Maxthon’s family of high performance browsers, which started in 2002. Maxthon 3 was developed as an alternative to IE. It is a fast, powerful and easy to use Webkit browser. The exclusive features of Maxthon 3 will bring the web to your fingertips. The browser supports different extensions. Although there are not so many supported extensions right now, but the list is growing gradually. Its Dual Display Engines identify and display all websites correctly.

Maxthon 3 has many interesting features like Ad Hunter, Magic Fill, Online Favorites, Super Drag and Drop, Multi Search, Surf By Mouse and Smart Address Bar. It also comes with a password manager, a free cloud data storage plan, screen capture, an integrated video download utility, dual browser mode (IE/Mozilla) allowing maximum compatibility, Google Translate functionality and other useful tools.

5. Avant

Avant Browser is an ultra fast web browser with a user-friendly interface that offers a new level of clarity and efficiency to the browsing experience. The browser is absolutely free to use. It is also compatible with IE and Firefox. Its multi-processing design offers a crash-free browsing experience with high reliability. It is the lowest memory usage browser on Windows. The browser detects the videos on a web page and allows to download them with a single click. It is much faster to download files and manage the downloaded files with its built-in multi-threaded downloader. Split view feature adds an easy way to view multiple web sites at the same time. It adds another dimension to the customizable interface layout.

You can use the Avant Browser in Private Mode; it does not keep web data in the computer. So somebody else sharing the same PC will not be able to see the sites and web pages you visited during your private web browsing. It includes many other features like Download Accelerator, Split View, Detached Always on Top Browser Window, Anti-Freezing, Low CPU usage, No Memory Leak, Web Form Auto-Filler / Startup Login, Online Bookmarks, Mouse Gestures, AD/Popup Blocker, Flash Animation Filter, RSS Reader, Multi-Document Interface, Real Full Screen Mode and Alternative Full Desktop Mode, etc.

6. BlackHawk

BlackHawk is an efficient, reliable and user friendly web browser designed for the users to enjoy the internet browsing experience. Basically this browser has an extremely similar interface to that of Chrome. However, the color scheme is slightly different as compared to Chrome. It has its menus across the top. It picks up any Chrome extensions installed by you and automatically uses them. BlackHawk claims to have the functionality of Firefox and the speed of Chrome.

BlackHawk has some extensions of its own as well, including AdBlock and FlashBlock, but obviously there are many more extensions available for both Firefox and Chrome. Overall, this browser works just fine, but there is not anything much impressive. There is no reason of choosing it over Chrome. If you want to use this you might also use the Chromium, a full open source version of Google Chrome.