• i can not log into my big pond emails through internet explorer why is that..

  • check my emails on inter net explorer how can i do that i am with big pond please get back to me as soon as possible thank you.

  • Beverlie Anne Bartlett

    I cannot get onto bigpond as I used to befor this ‘alot’. I want to return to my bigpond to get my emails. What’s all this about?

  • I would like to know why I can not sign up to my Webmail will not accept my Email address or my Password could you tell me why I have a stack of Email to look at and clear up.

  • I cannot get onto my bigpond to read my emails. What’s going on here?

  • Peter

    My e-mails have vanished and I need them back please

  • Johan Pronk

    My E mail to inbox has been slowed down by Big Pond,because of over use of my monthly allowance.
    That is irritating by itself, but now big Emails with huge attachements are coming in
    triplet .
    I get the same Emails at least three times, blowing my allowance long before the renewal date