How to Convert old Google Drive Sheets into New offline editable format?


The new version of Google spread sheet comes to market with speed improvement, latest features and functionality, so you can now convert your old Google Drive Sheet into new sheet and make editing in offline mode.

Meet the new Google Sheets!!! You don’t have to wait for load or re-doing edits that were lost due to the internet connection problem because now you can use the new version of Google sheets to help you get more done – from crunching big data to keeping track of a family budget. The new Google Drive sheet comes with speed improvement, latest features and functionality. It works with or without internet connection, so you can create and edit spreadsheets any time. In addition, several old limits have been removed from new sheets, so now it supports millions of cells. Everything is snappier, from scrolling through and loading large and difficult spreadsheets to the speed of calculations. However, users can make offline editing with those spreadsheets that are created with new version of sheets. It means any older spreadsheets existing on your drive will not work in offline mode. In near future, it will also become possible with new version of Google sheets, but for now you have to copy-and-paste your old spreadsheet into a new file of the updated version of sheets for making edition. The process of converting old Google Drive sheets into New offline editable format is explained in detail here, so check it out.

New Google Sheets

The new Google sheet is better and faster than its old version. It is really a welcome upgrade for those who have used Google Spreadsheets with large datasets. Unfortunately, some issues are still existing in this new version like it doesn’t allow users to convert existing docs directly to the new Google Sheets. With new sheet, you can enjoy features like faster scrolling and calculation, function guidance and highlighting. One of the best features about new Google sheet is its Filter Views that allows you quickly name, save and share different views of your data. In new Google sheet, you don’t have to merge cell manually, because it automatically flow texts into adjacent cells if they are empty.

It is equipped with improved conditional formatting; you can add rules to change the colors and style of cells in your spreadsheet on the basis of custom formulas.


Features of new Google Sheets:

  • Text wrapping
  • Offline editing with Chrome
  • Enhanced conditional formatting
  • New functions like COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, and AVERAGEIFS
  • Guided help flow when editing formulas
  • Filter Views is a feature unique to Google Sheets that allows you rapidly provide names to diverse slices and dices of data that can be saved for future use
  • Paste transpose
  • When you work together with others, you can look at different filter view without affecting what each other see Colored sheet tabs
  • Custom number formatting

Some basic guidelines to turn old spreadsheet in to new Google sheets:

  • To convert your old spreadsheet into new one to make editing, you must have new version of Google sheets.
  • One can get new Google sheets either by clicking the icon available in the bottom of an old sheet or checking “Try the new Google sheets” in setting.
  • After that download older sheet as an excel document
  • Then, re-upload the document and make sure to convert documents, spread sheets, presentations and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs format, which is allowed in the upload settings popup.

There is also another way to convert old sheet in to new version:

  • For it, you have to just copy and paste content from old version to new version.
  • In a spreadsheet generated in the old version, click on the down arrow available besides sheet tap and click on copy the sheet (and its contents) to a spreadsheet created in the new version.
  • Export the content from old version and import it to new version to enjoy the features of new Google sheets.

If you share old version spreadsheet, then other users will see the content in the old version of sheets, even if they regularly use new version of Google sheet.

Google Sheets video tutorial: