Disconnect Chrome Extension: Share only what you want over Internet


Chrome extensions are becoming a craze these days and the development of such extensions is also becoming a real fun job. People working at Google quit and join the extension development race to develop extensions for the Chrome web store. The extension that we are going to discuss about today has been developed by an employee of Google who quit his job to focus on this effort. Brian Kennish used to work for Google before he decided to develop the Disconnect Extension for the Chrome web store. Disconnect is a very useful and in many ways pretty extraordinary extension for the Chrome web browser. In the words of Brian Kennish –“this browser extension lets you take control of what you are sharing over the internet”.

Disconnect Chrome Extension: block third party tracking

Well to simplify the meaning for those who are lame internet users and do not know much about the process here is a brief overview whenever you open a page on the internet your browser sends some tracking data from your system over the internet which included your name location and other private information. Disconnect is meant to stop this.


Disconnect prevents the sharing of your data over third party social networks like Facebook, Linked In, Orkut etc. without your permission and hence is an enemy for these social networks. Also your search history is used to suggest similar searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other. This browser extension will help make your searches absolutely independent of each other. By preventing your search history from being shared over the internet,

Not only this the extension even provides you a real time tracking of how many pages are resource requests are being blocked in real time. You can even unblock the services in real time by clicking on the toolbar button followed by clicking on the cookie. When you install the Disconnect extension on your chrome browser you will see a small d icon appear beside the Omnibox. The icons besides shows exactly how many of the requests have been blocked along with the services that have been blocked can be seen by clicking the icon on the left.

However there is some instance available which shows that the device is sometimes not performing up to the expectations blocking an unknown resource requests from a site, many users have that installed the extension said that they faced problems using it, these included its inability to properly load some of the important Google services such as Maps and Google Talk. However ,when tested on our system extension worked just fine. Just that one complaint , besides that the extension is more or less simple to use and pretty useful for those that are a little over concerned about their security over the internet.

What’s good for developer point of view is that the extension is available open source and you can download the code for the same and change it if you can to suit your needs. So, there it is guys -complete hands –on review of one good chrome extension. Do let us know if you formed an opinion as well, in the comments section below.