Free Download Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile Devices now available!


While the platforms like Android , take the spotlight all the time there is another pretty strong platform that is slowly making a move into the market -Windows Phone 7 it is developed and distributed by Microsoft and has seen  a lot of devices coming up in the recent times. The Opera browser is a classic example of what we are trying to state above. The Opera browser’s 5.1 update for the Android, Symbian and Blackberry operating systems was made available two months ago while the Windows Phone 7 platform gets the update now.

It is significant that Opera has just released the latest version of its mobile browser application for the Windows Mobile platform this shows that thought the platform is kind of left out it is slowly getting the move into the market. Most amazing thing about opera is fast and available for free download. Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile Devices is now available for download.

Free Download Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile Devices now available!

“We have worked days and nights to improve on every aspect of the browser. Some highlights include default browser functionality and support for more devices. A big thanks to all our users on Windows Mobile who have waited so patiently for this release”, the company notes on a post on the Opera Mini blog.

The release notes for Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile include:

– Ability to set Opera Mini as default browser on the device.

– Support for g-sensor screen rotation on HTC and Samsung devices.

– Support for predictive input if the device supports it natively.

– Improved page layout on high-resolution screens.

– Improved kinetic scrolling.

– Alternative installer that works on Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC devices.

– Text input works on many more devices

– A host of bug fixes in Opera Mini browser core for stability and rendering accuracy.


Features Added in Opera Mini 5.1:

Let us try and look into the details of some of the important added features.

  • The ability to set the new version as the default browser on the device– It is really amazing how this feature was missing from the browser till now because this means that the browser can never be used to view pages that are already saved in the phone’s memory (most of the devices have the ability to let pages be saved on the hard disk ) which for me is quite strange.
  • Support for g-sensor screen rotation on HTC and Samsung devices- this feature is again pretty shocking because no g-sensor rotation means that the interface of the browser was not capable of rotating when the device was rotated and since all of the devices released today are definitely equipped with the accelerometer sensor this feature was an absolute necessity.
  • Support for predictive input if the device supports it natively- this feature means that the browser will have the ability to predict what you are going to enter, a feature that is common these days in the normal PC browsers but the catch is that this feature will only be available when the hardware natively supports the feature.
  • Among the other important feature is the kinetic scrolling that will enable you to scroll the page that is being viewed without really touching the scroll bar for once.

We really hope that this new enhancement will really propel the internet experience of the Windows phone 7 devices to a different level. If you have a windows phone seven device you can download the latest version by simply logging onto the from your default web browser and Opera will automatically offer the most optimized version for your handset.

Opera Mini 5 Video

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