Hathway Broadband Internet India – Tariff & Payment guide


India’s major television service operator Hathway based in Mumbai also provides broadband internet service. Hathway Broadband Internet is the first cable ISP in India. It is looking to revolutionize the way people access the web. It provides high speed internet, and if any downtime, they provide excellent customer care service. Currently it offers broadband service tariff plans on its official website. Hathway provides Broadband internet service in 13 cities of India like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Nasik, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Mysore, Baroda, etc.

Hathway is one of the largest television service company established in 1995. Currently Hathway service has three broad service areas Cable TV, Digital Cable TV and Hathway Broadband Internet. Hathway’s fiber-optic backbone and its state-of-the-art Internet Node and Data Center make the network capable of reliable Internet service as well as digital TV transmission.


Hathway provides a broadband service through its cable network on a on a subscriber’s PC/ Corporate LAN using a cable modem/router. Its bandwidth permits users to use the internet for 365x24x7 business, communications and entertainment medium. It offers broadband service with reliability and high speeds at economical prices.

Features of Hathway Broadband Internet

  • High-speed surfing : You can surf at blazing speed from 256 kbps to 512 kbps through the high bandwidth capability of cable. Any possible work can be done online in this speed internet.
  • Always online : Now you are always connected to the internet service by just switch on your PC and start surfing. No dial ups, no disconnection, no login hassles.
  • Phone free Internet : Forget your dial up connection because Hathaway broadband internet brings you high speed broadband many times faster than a dial up connection without engaging your telephone.
  • Secure Internet : Hathway’s broadband internet brings you secure & stable Internet service. It is based on DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Services Interface Specifications) protocol, which provides a level of security equal to or better than that provided by dedicated-line network access services, like the telephone, ISDN or DSL.

Hathway Broadband Tariff Plans for Residential Segment

Usage Based Plans Speed Subscription Charges (Rs.) Download Limit Validity (Months)
Expressway – 1024 1 Mbps 1100 4GB 4
Unlimited Plans Speed (Kbps) Subscription Charges (Rs.) Download Limit Validity (Months)
New Freeway Flexi 256
2000 Unlimited 3 (Postpaid)
Skyway Regular 512
1600 Unlimited 1 (Postpaid)

Note :

  • Modem various schemes available.
  • Taxes as applicable.
  • Installation / Registration charges are Rs.500/-.
  • Maximum Contention Ratio for Home users -> 1 : 50
  • Maximum Contention Ratio for Corporate Fibre Segment -> 1 : 4
  • Please contact your nearest Hathway branch offices for area specific plans/schemes & SME / Corporate Services.

Hathway Broadband subscription plans

Brand Name Regular/ Xtra Quarterly Bandwidth Upto
Subscription Charges (Rs.) Download Limit
Validity (Month)
Liteway New   (PrePaid) Max 256 Kbps 3000 7 GB 12
Speedway New   (PrePaid) Regular 512 Kbps 600 1 GB 1
Speedway New   (PrePaid) Quarterly 512 Kbps 1500 4 GB 3
Speedway New  (PrePaid) Xtra 512 Kbps 3000 9 GB 6

Note :
Registration Charges – Rs 500/-
Modem Refundable deposit – Rs 1000/- . NA on half yearly & yearly plans
Taxes as applicable
Brand Name Regular/ Xtra Quarterly Bandwidth Upto
Subscription Charges (Rs.) Download Limit
Validity (Month)
Liteway New   (PrePaid) Xtra 256 Kbps 1500 3 GB 6
Liteway New   (PrePaid) Quarterly 256 Kbps 750 1.2 GB 3
Liteway – 1 Regular 256 Kbps 500 1.5 GB 1
Liteway – 1 Xtra 256 Kbps 3000 10.5 GB 6
Thruway Regular 64 Kbps 500 Unlimited 1
Thruway Xtra 64 Kbps 3000 Unlimited 6
Download Limit Annual Subscription
E mail
1 MB 1024 Unlimited 4,70,000 64
Gold Supreme 512 Unlimited 240000 32
Gold Premium 256 Unlimited 120000 16
Gold Value 128 Unlimited 60, 000 8

Installation and registration charges Rs. 500/-
Modem refundable deposit Rs. 1000/- (Not Applicable on half yearly plans)
No Modem rental charges
Additional downloads @ 90 paisa per MB
Service tax as applicable. Currently @ 12.36%
Night Unlimited 11pm -9am
Brand Name
Regular/ Xtra Quarterly Bandwidth Upto Subscription Charges (Rs.) Download Limit Validity (Month)
512 Blast Quartely 512 kbps 1500/- 3 GB 3 Months
512 Blast Xtra 512 kbps 3000/- 7 GB 6 months
512 Blast Max 512 kbps 6000/- 15 GB 12 months

How to pay Broadband internet service bill?

You can pay broadband internet service by 2 ways online and offline. If you want to pay your bill online, then you need to do registration process for payment and want to pay your bill offline then refer to the drop box address given on the website.

For Online Hathway payment service

Open the Hathway website and click on broadband tool which is stayed on top. Open broadband service page and click on Pay online option from left hand corner itself. Enter user ID and password, if you are member of this service. And click on “login”, then fill up your bill payment details and pay bill online.

If you are first time using the online payment service then you need to do the registration process, which you will get form login page, open register page and enter account no, first name, user id, password and email address and click on “Save” button.

For Offline payment service

If you want to use the Hatchway offline payment service, then get drop box address at the website from Broadband service page.

If you face problem like No connectivity, Slow browsing, Email problems, shifting of premises, Prepaid Plan renewals, Postpaid billing issues, Service usage, Disconnection or any other queries on Hatchway service, then call any time at customer service center. Get all customer care center number below.

  • Delhi (Webtime) – 011-46085777
  • Delhi (Cable Modem) – 011-46085666
  • Faridabad – 011-46085777
  • Kanpur – 0512-2532006/2532007
  • Noida – 011-46085666
  • Chandigarh – 0172-4643506/4643507
  • Ludhiana – 0161-2406366/6547001/6547002
  • Mumbai – (022)-67134600-50
  • Pune – (020)-66030696
  • Nasik – (0253)-2520330
  • Aurangabad – (0240)-6610777
  • Baroda – (0265)-2356468
  • Chennai – 044-42261313
  • Bangalore – 080-40161616
  • Mysore – 0821-4253344
  • Hyderabad – 044-66989898
  • Coimbatore – 0422-4200300
  • Tirupur – 0421-4540040
  • Trichy – 0431-4024488

Hathway broadband services have lately changed the call center numbers, and here are the new call center numbers.

  • Product/Sales Inquiry – 67134545
  • Billing – 67134567
  • Renewals – 67134500

Customer Support

Source : http://hathway.com/index.asp

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