How to make Firefox more secure?


Every single time you browse through the internet you are vulnerable to various hackers present over the internet. It includes spyware, malware, Trojans and other virus software. You are prone to attack from the next minute you open a browser, but still there are few browsers that are less prone to attacks as a result of more security features present in it.

How to make Firefox more secure?

Firefox is one of the best browsers that is being currently used by most people for windows and linux operating systems. It is considered as one of the safest browsers as compared to other browsers including internet explorer.  Popularity of this browser has increased in the recent years, so has its vulnerability. Critical patches for Firefox browser are available through automatic updates. In addition Firefox also has many safety features to protect the users against vulnerability and provide complete security.


Online money transactions needs to be more secure and most people choose Firefox browsers to transact money online as they are completely safe and free from susceptibility to hacker attacks. Firefox also warns you about the sites that are not safe to browse through, it also protect you from the attack of virus even if you accidentally visit a site attacked by virus.

Moreover Firefox is the safest browser for every shopaholic, thanks to Firefox every online shopper can shop securely and purchase any products safely without losing money to hackers and spammers. It updates more than 48 times a day to find all the web forgery sites; there are so many fraudulent websites like bank, online money transfer agents, etc. Firefox browser will prevent you from browsing through any fraudulent website that pretends to be a trusted site.

Firefox also integrates with the antivirus program installed with your windows. Antivirus program automatically detects for any virus or spywares whenever you download a file or software through these browser. It effectively prevents your computer from attacks by virus and spywares. It also has features to customize security settings, you can block the sites you do not wish to browse. Also passwords, cookies, etc can be customized as per your requirement.

Firefox browser can be made more secure by regularly updating the browser. Latest security updates can be received in the browser by regularly updating it. Also update with the latest versions of  plugins, if you happen to use java or flash it can provide you maximum security.

At any cause do not store your passwords in browser, it can be become a great security issue if someone gets and use your laptop. Try to use the addon which is called NoScript, it will prevent you from loading of scripts that you have not chosen. It will help you to prevent going to a page that may run a malicious script and harm your browser.

You can browse safely with more secured features in Firefox.

Security Add-ons to make Surfing with Mozilla Firefox more Secure:

  • Vely

    how to make firefox more faster n secure, i tried most of tips bt wen i close d browser down nd open it up again, all d settings are back to normal! pls help me!!!!!!!!!

  • Fehr

    is firefox more secure than chrome?