How to Search & Browse the history of all Web Browsers centrally?


There are many people out there who use more than one web browsers to surf the internet. For such people, MiTeC Internet History Browser is really very helpful software. It is a portable program that enables you to search and browse the history of all of your internet browsers together in one place. It supports the five most popular web browsers, namely Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Of course, each of these internet browsers keeps a history of the web pages that you’ve visited in the past. You can definitely open up all of them and browse through their history page individually to search for a browsing item, but it’s a tedious task and time consuming too. Moreover, sometimes when you are looking for a specific URL, you forget in which browser you had accessed the webpage. In such circumstances, Internet History Browser software can be of great help to you.

Search & Browse the history of all Web Browsers centrally

This useful and reliable application first scans each and every major web browser that has been installed on your PC, and then displays the complete browsing history together in a single screen. The most impressive thing about this software is that it is completely portable. Plus, the program does not require an installation. All you have to do is download the software and extract the portable app to run it on your PC. Now let’s take a look at how to use the software.


As soon as you start the application, you will be provided with two options. You can either choose to scan your PC to collect internet history or you can go for the second option in which the app will browse the data stored in a history file. To start scanning your PC for the web browser history, simply click on the green colored graphic button. By doing so, the software will scan all the installed browsers and the results would be stored to a file which can be opened later (on any PC) using the “Browser data stored in a file” button. At the end of the scanning process, the app would display the history of all browsers collectively in the form a list.

By default, the URLs in the list are sorted according to the date and time in which you had accessed them. Plus, each of the URL is listed along with a small icon of the browser in which the particular page was originally accessed in. Now, simply click on any entry, and the software would display its full title, complete URL, date and time you last visited it, and the number of times it’s been visited, at the bottom part of the interface. Moreover, you can easily open the entry in your default browser directly from the software’s interface. Just double-click on the link or select it and then click on ‘Open’ button to launch that page in the default browser.

At the top of the interface, you’ll find a search field, which enables the users to search for a particular website from the entire list of loaded links, by simply typing a part of its title or URL in the search box. For example, type “Facebook” in the search field and the software will display the history of all your Facebook visits. Lastly, whenever you close the program, the tool would save the entire file in its directory in the format: COMPUTERNAME_USERNAME.ihd. You can always copy this file and open it on another PC or on the same PC at a later time using this software.

No other options or settings have been included in the software, making it extremely easy and simple to use. However, the program does lack some useful features. For instance, you cannot filter the results by browser, and also there is no option to delete the entries from the browsing history or to export your browsing history. Despite these few missing features, MiTeC Internet History Browser is undoubtedly a great program for all those people who uses more than one browsers and wants to preserve their browsing history across all the browsers.

MiTeC Internet History Browser software runs on both 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Click here to download MiTeC Internet History Browser.


  • Allows the users to view their browsing history of multiple browsers in a single window
  • Supports five major web browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari
  • It is absolutely free to download
  • It’s completely portable and no installation is required to run it on a PC
  • All URLs are neatly displayed in the form of a list
  • When you click on any item in your history, you’ll be provided with the URL link, time and an option to launch that page in your default browser
  • A search option is available at the top of the interface


  • Supports only five major web browsers
  • Lacks a filter feature
  • Does not offer any option to export the browsing history
  • Does not offer any option to delete entries from the browsing history