Mozilla F1 Link Sharing Tool launched as Firefox Addon


Sharing of links has always been a problem for the Social Networking lovers all around the world. The first thing that you would also like to do on reading this article is to share it with one of your friends, that of course would be if you like it. But since this link is very long you would probably resort to the service to shorten the link. And then you will probably attach it to your tweet or your Facebook update. What if I told you that with the newest add on from the Mozilla labs all this can be done with one click. This new service from Mozilla is called the Mozilla F1– F1 is a browser extension that allows you to share links in a fast and fun way. Share links from within the browser, from any webpage, using the same services you already know.

Mozilla F1 Link Sharing Tool -  Mozilla F1 Firefox Addon from Mozilla Messaging

It brings all the earlier methods for link sharing together and makes it quite a simple process. Links viewed on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail can easily be shared. This gets rid of the earlier cumbersome procedure of sharing links. The F1 is the result of some fair amount of brainstorming back at Mozilla Messaging. It’s going to give some annoying people (who force you to view videos you’re uninterested in) a reason to yelp. The add-on is supported with three of the top most social networking sites in the world that is the Gmail Facebook and the Twitter.


For Twitter users F1 automatically shortens URLs using so that you don’t have to and then inserts the shortened URL into your tweet, making the whole process seamless. For Facebook users F1 posts the URL, complete with screenshot and description right to your Facebook wall, instantly sharing the link with all your friends on Facebook. For Gmail it automatically inserts the URL into the body of your emailĀ  you just need to simply type in your recipient’s Email addresses and hit share.

With the new service sharing of links becomes a three step process for the Mozilla users.

1: Hit the share icon in the toolbar

2: Choose your service in the menu

3: Express yourself and hit share!

Those who are viewing this page on their Mozilla Web browser can easily download the new add-on from the official site of Mozilla Firefox and enjoy all the features that come along. For those who are not can dream of having such a service on their browser dome day.

F1 is made by Mozilla Messaging which is the main group at the Mozilla labs which is behind the development of the Thunderbird the instant messenger from the labs. So guys what is your take on the new add on download the add on and let us know of your views about the device in the comments section below. Do let us know of any glitches that you experienced while using the add on.

Mozilla Labs F1 from Mozilla Messaging on Vimeo:

  • Steven

    humm…i agree with u…sharing of links has always been a problem for the social networking lovers all around d world. sharing links on social networks just got easier with mozilla’s f1.