mXLBrowser from mxltelecom: Access Internet on any phone without Data Plan


Spending too much money on 2G and 3G data plan can be unwise…..when you have low cost service as an option for accessing internet service on any phone. Free internet service on any mobile phone may sound odd or unbelievable…. but thanks to SMS based mXLBrowser that makes it possible for Idea and Vodafone users. The demand of smartphone has increased due to its application service, but now you can access list of your favorite web content and service on any device with easy to use mobile application. No need of any 2G or 3G data plan for using mXLBrowser because it delivers all the surprising service though the SMS. For getting an advantage of the mXLBrowser, you just need to select the service you like to access and send your query. It takes just few seconds to response your query via SMS.

mXLBrowser from mxltelecom

Obtaining information through SMS is really an innovative idea that saves money on purchasing high-priced 2G or 3G data plans. SMS based MXLBrowser is the result of collaboration of MXL Telecom Pvt. Ltd, and India’s two well known telecom operators – Idea Cellular & Vodafone. MXLBrowser is fundamentally an app, which provides a stylish GUI (Graphical User Interface) to access variety of apps that allows seamless service updates over SMS with no need of GPRS. With the use of the service, you can access local news, global news, twitter, facebook updates, job search and among other.


You don’t require remembering or typing any short codes or keywords that are necessary for sending and receiving SMS. It includes extra functionality that’s not offered in regular SMS service. Generally Mobile apps require EDGE/GPRS or 3G connection for accessing internet service. But with MXL browser, you do not require EDGE/GPRS or 3G as well as type in long URL’s to visit a Web site on your mobile’s small screen. It provides all the content with simple and elegant interface that is specially designed to minimize typing.

Usually, India-based Technology Company, mXL Telecom focused on offering value-added services to mobile users. MXL telecom is combined with list of other online service providers including Associated Press for news, Contify, Enable M, Meracareerguide, Babajobs for jobs, Ganeshaspeaks for horoscope,, and many others for providing content on the application. It offers information from global, internet-based information to local information. The offered service of mXLBrowser can be accessed at an effective price of around or about 10p per request together with the facility of pull and push models of payments. With the subscription (push) service, content is pushed to your mobile phone on daily basis.

Currently, this service is available on approximately 280 most-well-known mobile phones together with the addition of more and more phones. The particular service is available live on the Idea network, and in the next month Vodafone users will also get this facility with effective plans. MXL Telecom provides this service to access internet on any mobile phone, anywhere all over the world. You can access this service just like SMS service, in this you have to purchase SMS pack. For example: To get 300 SMS pack, you have to pay Rs 30 as indicated by 10p per SMS.

You have to download mXLBrowser from It does not take any charges for downloading SMS based browser. There are two choices for downloading; you can download MXL browser directly on your handset or download it on PC and transfer via Bluetooth/cable.

How to download the MXL browser direct on handset?

  • If you have data connection on mobile phone, then you can download MXL browser directly from
  • First select the brand and model name and number from drop-down list.
  • Next, select operator, and hit the ‘download’ button and complete the process.
  • Once you have installed it, the mXLBrowser icon will appear in either the “Application” or “Games” folder.

How to download the MXL browser on PC and transfer via Bluetooth/cable?

  • If you don’t have data connection on your mobile phone, then you can download mXLBrowser on your computer and transfer it on phone via Bluetooth/cable.
  • In this process, visit, open download page and enter operator, phone brand and model under the section of download to pc and transfer via Bluetooth/Cable.
  • Press ‘download’ and complete the process.
  • Once you have installed mXLBrowser on PC, connect your phone to the PC either using Data cable or via Bluetooth and transfer .jar file to the phone.
  • Afterward, .jar file will appear in mobile phone folder. Run the jar file for completing installation procedure on your mobile phone.

It is extremely simple! After installation, you can access all services through its main menu which arranges content in six exciting zones – Info+, Fun, Sports, Mail, Social and Deals. Just by going to appropriate section and entering the keyword into the search field and hitting ‘Submit,’ you can get list of information.

Info section allows users to get daily dose of news, look for job posting & receive valuable health tips, or use utilities like currency convertor, weather and flight status, etc. You can also access latest deals on restaurants, apparel, spa services from its top most daily deal sites.

For accessing regular updates of Facebook, posting tweet and more, you don’t require typing URL in Link bar; as you can access it through social media section. For the sports enthusiast, it offers Football, Cricket, NBA (Basketball) game scores and also sports news from the world of sports. Users are able to get the latest gossip from Bollywood, get horoscope, as well as play SMS games like Sudoku and Alfamix, etc. You just need to send your query in an appropriate section and get response in a matter of seconds. It takes maximum 15 seconds to reply.


  • Access internet without 2G or 3G
  • Get all information like news, weather, social media updates by just sending a message
  • Gives response within seconds
  • No need to remember keywords or short codes for accessing service
  • Takes 10 paise per SMS
  • Arranged content in very simple and stylish interface
  • Subscribed PUSH service to automatically push content to your phone on daily basis
  • No need to type in long URL’s to visit a Web site
  • Download MXL browser direct on mobile phone
  • Install MXLbrowser by downloading in PC and sharing via Bluetooth or Data cable

Brief introduction video of mXLBrowser from youtube: