• i re charge the account tata sky the id no1006958555 i transfer the account balance the amount is transfer the sb i a/c the debit card what can i do? please inform to my mail

  • i have purchased the 2nd box on 08-02-10 but i dot want it now can i return it back it has been activated ?

  • please add my account

  • S.M.Ghouse

    I want to know the balance in my account.My sub ID is1037450192.

  • Anamika chawla

    My sub.Id is 1029705496 kindly send me detail of last recharge amount &date I am very thankfully to you.

  • what is the meaning of base package? . none of the channels are coming ,actually ours is south jumbo pack.why is this happening?


    the services of tata sky have been stopped without giving any reason or massage. my mobile no. is registered with your company. i do not know customer i.d. naresh agrwwal

  • Anuj Mathur

    My sub.Id is 1018000495 kindly send me detail of last recharge amount &date I am very thankfully to you. My tata sky is not working . i remember last recharge 06/02/10 of Rs.500/-
    My tatasky not response today without any information. massege -pls select the package
    Pls send information as soon as.

  • Why Tata Sky is not viewing any Islamic Channel as the Islamic Channels to be added to Tata Sky is Crucial Demand .

  • why my account activation after registation


    my id no.is 1039075138,i recharged my accnt but my problem is tht i want to delete subscription of add on package of sports channel,tht is neo sports etc.so wht i should do??????????

  • Swati Sarkar

    mytatasky.com site is not opening

  • shankar

    Every time i am not getting proper response from your tata sky i do not know what is the reason,but the reasons best known to you only,i just recharged Rs.350/- due date is on 6/5/10,I called customer care to subscribe star cricket for one month i received sms pl leave your digicomp on power on mode to receive an alert but 24X7 it is on,still they have not activated star cricket my ID # is 1028908729 another thing is you say if called from BSNL land line to customer care it is free.#18604256633 but bsnl is charging for the call i very well know you people will not care for this message let other viewers read what kind of service you people are giving

  • Mitre

    my ID is 1006501462, kindly connect ESPN and delete (1) Star Sports and (2) Ten Sports with immediate effect. thanks.


    Dear sir,
    I am very sorry to say that I have never observe the worst customer services provided by the TATA SKY. I have recharged it on dated10.06.20109(ID NO.1020902050)& to resume the service I call many times to the customer care for resume services but your number goes always busy & if it connect then they put on hold & no body give reply.This is going from last 3 days my no programme is coming.
    But every day its per day charges are deduting from my account
    Therefore you are requested to resume my services immediate & inform
    vinod kr


    Ref. ID No. 1012214514.
    I had recharged my account with Rs. 200/-in the month of Feb.’10 by 8th/9th for activating the NEO SPORTS channel to see the cricket tournament. In the month of March’10 I informed your
    technical officer to deactivate the channel which was confirmed by your officer and accordingly
    I was told that whenever I wished the channel will be activated. I was also told at the time of deactivation that an amount of Rs. 158/- is left in the balance. Recently I received a message that
    all my balance amount is finished and my account is on the negative side. This message was a
    shock for me and after recently talking with your tech. officer Mr. Sarabjit I came to know that
    your tech officer with whom I had talked in March’10 did not bother to deactivate the channel
    and only assured me verbally. This type of service is really very unhealthy and unco-operative
    and trying to fool the customers by just giving false assurances on the telephone. This type of
    service is not expected from Tata organisation. Once again I would like to say that this type of
    service is highly regretable and unjustified. I have lost my money due to the negligence of your
    customer care technical person who did not heed to make an entry in the records in my account.
    As far as my Tata Sky account is concerned it is for the full year and will be expiring on 30th Oct.’10.

  • zechelo

    why dont tatasky offer, pay per channel? though one package contain so many channels, only few channels r viewable and other remaining channels are of no use. if tatasky introduce pay per channel, then customers can select the channels of their choice without having to pay for the channels which they dont view. if this can work, then i am sure the customers will be glad to pay fixed monthly rentals in addition to the pay channels. i hope that this matter will be taken into consideration for customer satisfaction.


  • dKS.

    Hello sir/madam

    I am a Tata-Sky subscriber,I would like to exchange my digicomp with Tata-Sky-HD-Digicomp.Is there any provision ? My ID:1041374271

  • priti tehim

    Due to heavy rains in delhi,we are not receiving any service fromtat sky from 11aug.when we call on helpline nos,we hear a voice”if u r not receving any signal sms NS to 56633.we have done this n number of times,bt nobody bothers to get back to us. then 1day i receive a call from tata sky r u satisfied by r engineers visit.we said nobody has visited us.lady replies the person will
    visit you on mon-16aug.nobody turned uptilldate. yesterday-19aug we again contacted customer care luckily this time a person -PARMEET came on the line.heard r problem &connected us toNIDHI- SR.CUSTOMEREXE.-she assurd that she will get back to me by 5pm in the evening.my complain no. is-1-444106074.



    I paid Rupees 500/ to recharge my account on 28th August, 2010 yet my T.V. is showing that I am not authorise to any of the channel. Please apprise me what exactly is my account balance and what package is offered to me and which channel is available to me.

  • B.L.Chaturvedi

    My subscriber ID-1006860413.I,have made subscription for annual mega pack.Next payment due is in July 2011.I Am not getting ACTIVE-GAMES.Msg.on screen reads to buy additional package.As per terms of Annual Mega Pack,except Toppers channel,all channels will be shown including newly added channels.Request clarify the issue and resume the ACTIVE GAMES.

  • Lt Gen Surjit Singh

    Dear sir,
    My Tata sky ID: 1002121802. I recharged on line from credit card where a Rs 3500 have been debited to Tata Sky at 11.23 hrs on 14 Oct 10. The service has not been resumed. Calling experience to your customer care is most frustrating as ever before when i am put on hold endlessely & no body attends.If your Co has to retain customers, some drastic measures are needed. Do I wait for your response??

  • Pramod Vishnu Kamble

    Dear Sir/Madam, i want to unsubscribe my English Movie Pack may be known as ( Cosmo pack). Please unsubscribe it if posible.

  • sanjiv

    I am not happy with ur srevice as I activate connection 7to 8 days before an paid all the for active game pack,movies pack & for kids pack but sorry to say that it has not been started yet as i went to the local dealer but he told to contact call service my ID no is 1055962425

  • Gaurav

    I want to add some package on tatasky ID 1050354867. pls help me on this
    very thankfull to you.