Online Tools to add Watermark in your Copyright Images


Are you interested in placing your photographs on the internet? Yes, but you might be afraid of its unauthorized use. Now, don’t worry if watermark is there. Watermark is a simple visible text, images or copyright which is placed on the original image to prevent it from being misused by unauthorized users. It is generally used everywhere like in banks, companies, passports, etc. Watermark has a lot of uses as it protects against theft, maintains security or secrecy and data reliability. When a watermark is added to a picture, the right for making any changes in image is given to owner till he/she holds it’s copyright.

Online Tools to add Watermark in your Copyright Images

Following are some of the online watermark tools. Just go through these tools to know more about them.

With the help of this, you can watermark a single image or multiple images in three steps only. Here, you can either give the same tag to all images at one time or give individual text for each image.


1, First of all, select single text for all images or individual text for each image as per your choice. Along with this, put the watermark image number.
2, Write the text which you want to add as a watermark, selecting font style, color, and size as per your choice. Upload your image now.
3, Now click on generate watermark option and click right button to save the image in your computer.

This tool offers many options like resizing, watermarking your image or with transparency, batch processing, etc. without any installation and download. It allows bmp, jpeg, png, jpg, gif, tiff, tif up to 500 kb. With the option of upgrade to pro, you can upload images without any uploading limits. You can also get 400% faster batching process along with some additional features.By paying just $29.95, users can upgrade to pro with one year membership.

1, Upload your image or images (here you can select more than one picture at a time)
2, Now, you can modify the position, color, font according to your need.
3, Wait for processing your watermark image.


It is free online tool to add watermark in your picture. It can be done in 3 simple steps:

1, Upload your image from computer or you can take it from Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa with the choice of resizing your image.
2, Select from any one of the watermark types: image, text or tiled.
3, Now your watermarked image is ready you can either upload it to Flickr or save it in your computer.

Watermark Tool

Watermark Tool is very powerful online software with the option of personalizing your image. It supports batch editing, text watermarking only for premium users. Your image size must be of lower than 200 KB, it means you have to resize the image before uploading it.


1, Here you have a choice for uploading the image one by one or many files at a time.
2, While personalizing your image nice but limited options are available there, however image watermark option is available for “WMT Plus! user only.
3, Finally, you can save the image by hitting the right click on the watermarked image and save it on your computer.

Water Marquee

Water Marquee is an easy to use tool available in both, basic and premium versions. One more thing is that you don’t need to install any software in your computer.


1, Select image from your computer, however premium user has option of grabbing image even from Facebook, Flickr.
2, Add watermark text, at here you have the choice of making changes in font size, style, and color.
3, After that image with watermark text will be available on the screen
4, You can change the size and visibility of watermark also drag it to the desired position
5, Now, you can download the image as Zip or give right click on image to save it.