How to Reset Tikona expired login Password?


If your tikona password has expired, then no need to worry now, just follow these step by step guidelines to reset tikona expired password easily and quickly.

TDN stands for Tikona Digital Networks that provides high-speed internet service all over India and in near future, it will expand its network abroad too. Today, thousands of Indians uses Tikona Wireless Broadband Service on their PC. However, login is compulsory to enjoy the tikona internet service so that every tikona users must login into tikona account first to enjoy high-speed internet service. But sometimes when they login, they get authentication failed message due to incorrect username or password, expired password, inactivate account, etc. However expiration of tikona login password is most embarrassing moment while using tikona wireless broadband. It becomes really irritating situation, especially when you need internet connectivity. Resetting password can be quite a hassle but not for Tikona account users, because they can do it with just simple steps.

Reset Tikona expired login Password

Tikona requires login for security purpose and for preventing misuse of your internet connection. When user’s password gets expired from the set date, they get message like your password has expired. Please log in to your account and update your password. Users can update their expired password by resetting it. So they don’t need to call customer care center to get new password.


Steps to reset Tikona expired password:

Step 1: First visit the login page,

Step 2: Open password reset page, and enter your userID, new Password, verification code, and hit the ‘Reset password’ button.

tikona password Reset page

Step 3: Within 1 hour of raising the request, send SMS CPASS (SPACE) 10 digit user ID (SPACE) 6 digit code to 5676708.

Note: You can send SMS only from registered mobile number.

Step 4: After that, you will get SMS confirmation stating “your tikona services password has been changed”.

If you don’t get confirmation message within 10 minutes of sending message, then call customer care toll free number 1800-20-94276 and select 3. Otherwise follow online instructions to reset your password. Next request will be working after 4 hours.

Video guideline to reset Tikona expired password: