Sample LinkedIn Endorsement – LinkedIn Recommendations Examples


LinkedIn is a vast social network for business. The online social networking site LinkedIn lets you connect with your business network, allowing you to stay in touch, build relationships and keep up to-date with important changes to your contacts’ situations such as employment changes or business developments. LinkedIn also has the ability to help build your credibility with new connections and potential prospects using the Recommendations feature.

LinkedIn Endorsement- Sample LinkedIn Endorsement - LinkedIn Recommendations Examples:

The towering services of LinkedIn are the eminent search engine, coupled by the LinkedIn recommendations you write for others. If you want it done right, just help your clients write and post their recommendations on their own. Like a recommendation written for the paper-based or e-mail world, a person recommending you on LinkedIn can benefit from some guidance on what thoughts and facts you’re looking to present in their recommendation. As a result, it doesn’t hurt to mention what aspects of your experience and relationship you’re hoping to convey.


Reader’s attention spans on the Web are known to be shorter. As a result, you don’t want potential employers missing the overall message of a recommendation because they were unable to take several minutes to read it and so two paragraphs can be the absolute max. The candidate should plan on a recommendation highlighting one or two strengths at most, more than two paragraphs is too much for a potential employer to read.

Don’t put words in their mouth but ask them to accentuate one or two points of what it was like working with you. That’s better than leaving it up to chance about what they might want to write. You need to make sure you’re not closing off a recommender from writing something about you that could bolster your image. In the invitation to write the recommendation, it is suggested that you shouldn’t set overly specific guidelines, but mention that you’d be happy to offer them if they think it would be helpful. Lead with the strongest thing you can say about the person. Start with the best possible thing you can say about the person. If you can’t say anything particularly strong, you might reconsider whether you’d recommend them. The recommender’s reputation is very relevant.

Choose recommender for title, your work relationship with them, or for LinkedIn status.
Heavily LinkedIn recommenders carry some stature on LinkedIn, especially if they recommend your networking help. Readers believe what others say about you, more than what you say about yourself.

Do not ask for open ended recommendations, the recommender wants to help you and wants to know what you’d like them to say. Open ended recommendations can lead to lame or unexpected results. Choose your recommenders carefully. Do the recommenders a favor, connect them with someone in your network, give them a sales or recruiting lead, or send information of interest first, before asking for a recommendation.

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