Search recipes with Ingredients you really have


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…..every woman know this very well so that she always try to cook new item to make their hubby happy. For making new delicious food, they surf internet, newspaper, recipe book, etc. How many times you need to go to the store to buy ingredients required for the new recipe? It happens a lot, Right. But now, you just need to open your cupboards to make a delicious item using the ingredients that already available in your kitchen. Thanks to the SUPERCOOK, a recipe database allows users to discover yummy and delicious dishes on the basis of ingredients that they have on hand. Now, you can cook something nice with the ingredients you have, you just need to enter ingredients which available on the site and you will get hundreds of related delicious dishes.

Dinner is few clicks away with Supercook, which is different from other recipe search engine because it has hundreds of recipes and permits you to create a virtual food store of items. Even, you can see in real time that how the recipes you are able to make change on the basis what you have available. It also gives information about how many recipes you can cook, which are divided in three different categories including ‘Starters’, ‘Entrees’ and ‘Dessert’. There is no limit for adding ingredients, here you can add as many as ingredients you want and get more results. The most useful search engine takes your list of ingredients, analyzes them separately then provides the results from diverse recipe databases around the web like Foodgeeks, Recipezaar, and Allrecipes.


The interface of the site is very user friendly, clean, cluttered free. Each item is set under very clean section. The site is quite approachable and page does not take long time for loading. Results are displayed in a matter of few seconds when an ingredient is added. The search engine of the site is based on keywords, so it displays result immediately. Just like other search engine, it does not require any registration to get started.

To use the site, you just need to type ingredients in the left side box. As soon as you enter ingredients, it will display hundreds of related recipes. If you know the recipe name that you want to cook, you don’t need to surf the list of ingredient related item, but you just need to type the dish name into the keyword search section to get particular recipe. There is also option for accessing the recipes by their category. By default, you can filter each result by “Starters”, “Entrees” and “Desserts”.

Each recipe can be saved by registering in the site. For the registration, you just need to give your username, password, email address, first and last name, zip code and age. You don’t require validation for email. Many of us are vegetarian or non-vegetarian….if you are one of them, then you definitely like the restriction section provided by the site where you can select different type of restriction to filter your results including I don’t eat nuts, meat, gluten, dairy, shellfish, or fish. With this neat keyword search feature, it beautifully covered all basic for your searching requirements.

The “Do You Have” ingredients are usually displayed on the basis of tab. For example: if you have searched item under dessert’s tab, then it will recommend ingredients that are most common in dessert dishes. You can update “do you have” section in each second just by clicking on show more tab. The site also provides my shopping list so you can easily get idea about the ingredient that you should have in your kitchen.

Overall, the site is best for anyone who loves cooking. The service is totally free to use as well it is most innovative and easy website for searching recipe on the internet. It will save your time as well cut down your food waste and save your wall. It covers more than 2.5 lakhs recipes. These recipes are delicious and yummy. It also suggests some ingredients; when you have most of the ingredients still desire to make a rapid trip to the grocery store.


  • Easy and free to use
  • It doesn’t require registration
  • Search recipes by ingredients
  • You can also find out recipes by keyword or categories
  • Recommends ingredients to make items more delicious
  • It has more than 2.5 lakhs recipes
  • Filter results by “Starters”, “Entrees” and “Desserts”
  • Save recipes by registering in the site