T-Mobile Breakup Program: Get Credit by trading your old Mobile


Fed up or unhappy from your current carrier? Just switch to T-Mobile with T-Mobile Breakup Program and get up to $650 to join T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has made an amazing offer – it has initiated a Breakup Program in which those customers who are upset with their current carrier can switch to T-Mobile. For this, the company will pay customers’ early termination fees (ETF) and also give them money towards their old damaged mobile phones. The Breakup Program was announced at the 2014 International CES on January 8, 2014.

T-Mobile Breakup

T-Mobile Breakup: Switch to T-mobile without Early Termination Fees

Initially, only AT&T, Verizon and Sprint customers are included in the deal, but now customers from U.S. Cellular and other smaller, regional carriers throughout the US can break up with their carrier to join T-Mobile. If you break up with your carrier, T-Mobile will provide you up to $650 ($300 trade-in credit and $350 towards your ETFs) for every line on a family account you switch. You can get benefits for up to five lines on a family account.


Switchers can write a break-up letter to their old carrier and post it on social media. Till now, over 80000 switchers have published breakup letters. To get benefit from this program, you must be under a postpaid contract at T-Mobile’s rival carriers and require to trade-in the old phone/tablet & purchase a new T-Mobile device on a postpaid Simple Choice Plan. T-Mobile will run a credit check to qualify you for Simple Choice plan.

At t-mobile.com, customers can estimate how much credit they will receive by trading an old Mobile. Customers can trade in their old device at participating T-Mobile locations: Retail Stores, Premium Retailers, exclusive dealer locations, Military, Costco and Car Toys. Once they trade in their device and switch to a postpaid Simple Choice Plan, they will get up to $300 credit according to the value of their phone.

After that, customers can buy a new T-Mobile device. But, they have to mail or upload (at www.switch2tmobile.com) their old carrier final bill within 60 days. T-Mobile will provide you up to $350 per line after receiving your final bill. Customers will get the reimbursement within 4 to 8 weeks in the form of pre-paid MasterCard.