How to use Google maps in Lite version to improve performance?


Improve Google Maps performance by switching to Lite Mode. This will help speed up things by disabling 3D Earth view and other 3D imagery.

The updated version of Google Maps is now available for everyone. Of course, the new, re-designed Google maps are much more advanced than that of the previous version. It supports full map-interactivity, which means you can easily get location-insights and other helpful things, simply by clicking anywhere on the map. However, many people have found the new version incredibly slow and sluggish. This is because the new Google Maps employs WebGL technology to render everything locally on the web browser, and WebGL in turn uses the processing power of the GPUs. Thankfully, Google has incorporated a “Lite Mode” to help those users, who wish to speed things up. This particular mode enables new Google Maps to work well even on browsers that do not support WebGL and machines with less powerful GPUs.

Use Google maps in Lite version

By enabling to the ‘Lite’ mode, you’ll find that the new Google Maps are now much faster. The only difference between the regular mode and the Lite mode is that the latter version does not include the 3D Earth view and other 3D functionality. However, you can still have access to satellite maps. In short, Lite mode is just a simplified version of Google Maps.


How to Enable the faster Lite Mode in Google Maps

Interestingly, Google Maps will enable the ‘Lite’ mode by default if it finds the web browser or operating system outdated. For Lite mode, supported browsers include Internet Explorer 10 or 11, Safari 6+, and some older versions like Windows Vista & XP, and Mac OS X lower than 10.8.3. So, if you want your device to support full 3D mode in Google Maps but switched to Lite Mode, then make sure that your graphics card driver and OS system is up to date.

You can even enable the ‘Lite’ mode manually. Simply load Google Maps using this Lite Mode address to switch to the simplified version automatically. Alternatively, you can opt for Lite mode within Google Maps itself. Just click on the question mark (help) located in the bottom right corner of the map, select “Return to classic Google Maps” option, provide feedback on why you’re switching back to original version (optional), and then click on “Return to old Google Maps”>once again. That’s it. Once you switch to the Lite mode, you’ll be asked to decide whether you want to keep this choice only for the current session or you want your browser to remember your choice for next session too.

As soon as you switch to Lite mode, Google Maps will disable 3D Earth view and other 3D imagery, and you may notice that your Google Maps performance has been improved significantly. However, if you wish to switch back to full 3D mode, then simply click on the following link. Unfortunately, you cannot do so directly from Google Maps.

Google Maps full 3D mode